Summer Photo Editing: Little Pieces of Happy Wrapped in Yay!

Summer Photo Editing: Little Pieces of Happy Wrapped in Yay!
June 24, 2013 PicMonkey

The ice cream truck of summer content is here, and it’s playing a (non-annoying!) tune right outside your window! Come on down and get your textures, graphics and fonts. Here’s a step-by-step sampler of the new stuff in action; see how you can use them to happy up your images for summer.
Add sparklies to your photo for freesies with PicMonkey. To make this girl’s bubble wand explode with magic:

  • Remove the color with Black and White effect.
  • Add a Bokeh texture, rotating and resizing to position as bubbles.
  • Add Firework graphics and resize.
  • Tip: you can also change the color of the fireworks using the color palette.

PicMonkey is the perfect source for 4th of July graphics. To make this flag say Independence Day:

  • Use rectangle graphic to create three horizontal stripes.
  • Add Postal graphic (circle of stars) in white. Duplicate it to get a ring of blue stars. Erase all but the two in the middle.
  • Add text to a photo: Quentin Caps and Justice by Dirt.

This gravity-defying image is super easy to make with PicMonkey's free online editor.

To bestow this super kid with awesome powers:

  • Add Clouds texture. Erase the Clouds over your subject and change the blend mode to normal and the fade to 0.
  • Add Dusk effect and erase where it occludes your subject.
  • Add text: Verdana Bold.

Turn ordinary photos into stunning visuals with PicMonkey's free online editor.

To turn this lighthouse shot into a wistful reverie about beach town getaways:

  • Apply Tranquil effect and then apply Dark Edges effect.
  • Apply Papyrus texture, resizing larger to get paper grain showing.
  • Add Postal graphics, setting one to fade a bit behind the other.

We hope we’ve sparked ideas for how you want to use the new content. Just try to keep the sand off your monitor, ‘kay?


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