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Rotate images

Now you can rotate pictures with PicMonkey’s simple, speedy photo rotator. No downloads, no wasted time, no problems.
Rotate image

PicMonkey’s photo rotator includes speedy one-click options to rotate and flip. Use the straighten tool with plenty of tricks up its sleeve. In other words, it’s all the greatness you’d expect from the internet’s best photo editor.

Sideways Leaning Tower of Pisa with rotate icon overlayed

If it uploads wrong, we’ll make it right.

PicMonkey’s photo rotator has four options for fixing photos that your camera uploaded wrong. There’s the standard clockwise and counterclockwise rotations, plus the horizontal and vertical flip/mirror options.

Two mirrored Eiffel Towers demonstrating PicMonkey's Rotate tool

Fix flops when you flip images.

There are two options for using PicMonkey to flip an image. Flip an image horizontally, like a mirror, with the left-right arrow button in the Rotate tool. If you want to flip an image vertically, also known as reflect an image, use the up-down arrow button. Tip: the horizontal flip works great for correcting inverted selfies.

Photo askew with PicMonkey's straighten grid overlayed

Photo slightly askew? We'll straighten it out.

Use our grid to straighten pictures. First, just click on the "Straighten" slider. Then you’ll see the grid hover on your image. Notice that the grid is responsive, making it perfect for horizontal and vertical alignments. The slider provides specific measurements for your adjustments, keeping them quick, proper, and precise.

Black and white photo of an alley askew for style

Go for style.

Like most of PicMonkey’s tools, the straighten slider has more than one use. Not only is it the perfect choice for leveling photos, it’s also a one-of-a-kind stylistic tool. Just crank the slider right or left to mimic evocative styles like German Expressionism or Film Noir.

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