Ads to Posters to Palettes: Make it all in PicMonkey

New PicMonkey is coming and it’spretty freaking rad, but if you’ve found yourself wondering just what exactly you can do with it, we’ve got some serious inspo especially for you. Take a tour of this beautiful folder of images, bask in the good design juju, and get excited for all the splendor that’s about to be yours.

Sleek Facebook ads

Achieve a modern look that inspires all the click-throughs. This design uses the two photos as its base, pulling the orange color from the one with the computer and the subtle grays from the succulent picture.

Make it in New PicMonkey: You’ve got full photo editing power—even when you’re making a design. The succulent photo can be made black and white even after it’s been added to the canvas. Just make sure you pic is selected and you can apply effects and adjustments you’d like.

Bold advertisements

This 90’s-inspired design lets loose with colorful graphics and bold text. This image adds a drop shadow-like effect to the circles by adding a transparent black circle of the the same size slightly to the right or the left.

Make it in New PicMonkey: Keep track of all the objects in your image with the Layers palette. It lets you easily group layers together so you can move and edit them as one.

Colorful posters

Give your photo some moodiness and a lil’ attitude with the Gradient tool. The dark colors helps this white text pop, plus our alignment tools make it easy to get this graphic text treatment perfectly spaced.

Make it in New PicMonkey: Use the Direction slider in the Gradient tool to swing the colors around to different parts of your image.

Eye-catching motivational posters

Stop whatever you’re doing and appreciate this wonder. Not only is the Gradient tool working its magic again, but this is also a great example of our new text erase feature. In New PicMonkey it’s ridonculously easy to erase text right from the text palette.Get this multi-dimensional look by clicking the Erase tab in the palette and painting off so that your words and the background image overlap.

Make it in New PicMonkey: If you’d like to add shadow like this one, add your image to your canvas as a layer and erase around your person’s outline. Then add a drop shadow by going to the Effects tab in the graphic palette. Your new shadow will perfectly mimic the original.

Artistic album covers

Where to even start with this one? Maybe it’s the triangle pointed downward, evocating the upside down shape of the mountain that’s within it, or the lines that are poking up, like a peak, or the golden, textured sun that’s emerging from behind, or the minimally placed song-lyrics. Whatever makes this design so incredible, we’re obsessed.

Make it in New PicMonkey: Get the deep purple of the mountains and the sheen on the gold the same way, by applying the Gradient effect to each of those graphics. Then tie the entire image together by applying an effect across the whole thing.

Color palette envy

Whoever said color palettes have to be boring? Get inspired about your branding with a color palette that captures both the shades and feels of what you’re going for. This design starts with the image of the water, and we used the eyedropper tool in the Graphic palette to get the squares perfectly colored.

Make it in New PicMonkey: To get an image inside of a graphic, select the graphic and head down to the Textures tab. Click Add your own and turn the Fade slider all the way down to see your pure, unadulterated image.

Like all the New PicMonkey goodness you see? Try it out.
Tanya Friedland

Tanya is a copywriter at PicMonkey, a company that has greatly improved her life by allowing her to Zombify her friends and Santa-ify her enemies. A native Seattleite, she dreams of one day being a contestant on The Price Is Right.