How to use PicMonkey Touch Up Tools for Retouching Photos

In the first installment of our Touch Up series, we covered complexion tools. The second video was all about eyes, the most important part of any portrait. Now, we’re taking it to the next level with Touch Up’s simplest and most remarkable photo retouching effects.

Spray Tan

If the area you’re working on has different lighting conditions, apply Spray Tan with separate settings for each area by just clicking Apply and then starting in a new area with new settings. To track your application of the effect, slide Intensity up to 100, then play with the sliders until you’ve found your look with one of our five tone options. It helps to compare your Spray Tan with your untouched image by taking the Intensity slider down to 0.

Blush Boost

The first two tabs include shades that match virtually every skin tone. The third has a color picker for super specificity. The Fade slider makes it easy to get the effect just right, and you can see it in action in the video.


On top of creating awesome locks of any color you could imagine, Highlights is great for making your existing hair color stand out more. Watch the video to learn how to use the eraser to fix mistakes, and how to use the eyedropper to match your highlights to any color in an image.

Teeth Whiten

This one’s more of a show than a tell. Just brush on the effect and you’re done. It’s one of those I-can’t-believe-this-is-so-amazing kinda things. With PicMonkey you can whiten your teeth with a few easy steps.

Whisker Grow

Beards are in. But that can leave us follicly-challenged folks feeling a bit left out. Whether you can’t stand the itch or you just don’t have the lumberjack genes, no beard is off limits with Whisker Grow. In the video, we cover the essential steps for making a beautiful, realistic beard.

Shine Reduce

Ahh skin oils. They help keep us hydrated, protected from bacteria, and looking shiny in pictures. We know that last one tends to be embarrassing, so we built Shine Reduce. Find the unwanted shine, and click. Just like that, it’s gone. Shine Reduce doesn’t miss. It gets it right in one click, so don’t overdo it. (Learn more about why in the video.)


Clone works like this: you pick a source, and then PicMonkey clones that source onto your brush area. But that’s a bit like saying, “the sun sends light to Earth and makes everything bright.” Sure, it’s true, but there’s a whole realm of ultra-powerful cosmic fusion behind this thing we call Clone, and it’s all coming together to make your portrait truly stunning. Watch the video to see how easy it is.

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