How to Change Your Eye Color with Touchup

The eyes, a.k.a. the windows to your soul, are the most important part of any portrait. But sometimes they’re caught in a blink, a cross, an “uuuhhhhhhhh what?” moment that betrays your typical beauty. Which is why, dear eyeball-havers, we’re making sure that yours always look their best with this tutorial on how to retouch photos with Touch Up’s eye effects.

Eye Shadow

Pick from 15 different shades and follow along to learn how to create any kind of look you can imagine. Watch the tutorial to see our special technique to keep it looking just like real-life, professional eyeshadow (hint: the Fade slider and Eraser are essential).

Eyebrow Pencil

Like real life, but better. The Eyebrow Pencil tool offers five different shades to keep your brow game strong, meaning you can test new colors on yourself whenever you want!


It’s the honor student of the Touch Up group. There’s something going on, some serious mysterious quantum physics kinda stuff, that we can’t even explain. Basically: Mascara identifies existing lashes and makes them longer and bolder. It’s miraculous. It’s magical. It’s everything you want from from mascara, plus(!) the ability to make precise adjustments after application.


Whether you wanna go subtle or full on mall goth, our Eyeliner tool lets you easily customize any of your favorite looks (all without poking your eye). This is an especially great example of the importance of the Fade slider. Always remember to play around with it, because what might look bad is probably just a couple adjustments away from an excellent look.

Eye Brighten

A little goes a long way here, so respect the Fade slider. Just a couple clicks on the sliders and your subject’s eyes are instantly, indescribably captivating. Or make them glow like an alien, whatever floats your flying saucer.

Eye Tint

No fancy contacts, no sci-fi surgeries, just an amazing effect that changes your eye color to literally whatever you want. The color picker gives you infinite possibilities, including your own eye color. Watch to see how you can use the Eye Tint tool to intensify your existing eye color.

Adding Lashes

Even power users might not know about our hidden gem. This tutorial gives you the inside scoop on how an unexpected tool can create perfect lashes out of thin air.

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