3 Fresh Looks for Text Mask

You may remember that time we totally rocked your world with a tutorial on text masking (or, as it’s also known, making an image come through text, placing an image inside of text, clipping mask with text, putting see-through text over your image, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera).

Well now we’re back and maskier than ever, with a trio of trendy and transcendent ways to take your text mask to the next level. Follow along as we show off glitter text, watercolor text, and ombre text, all made right here in PicMonkey.


Nothing says “party ’til the party don’t stop” like glamorous glitter text. This trend has been burning up the blogosphere, and it’s easy to see why: everybody loves glitter, from five-year-old fairy princesses to Aztec mummies to dinosaurs reincarnated as CPAs. Sadly, their love has historically been compromised by the fact that once glitter gets in your clothes or hair, it’s never coming out.

Enter the digital age! Now you can use glitter graphics to make all your coruscating dreams come true, minus the nightmare of perpetual glitterdust in the corners of your vision, haunting your every waking moment. Sweet.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Open a blank canvas in Design and set the color to white or black.

  • Add text! If your canvas is white, choose black text; if it’s black, choose white text.

  • Click Combine in the top toolbar to flatten.

  • Select Your own in the Graphics tab to open a glitter graphic. (If you don’t have one of those on hand, nab one from a free stock photo site.)

  • Adjust its Blend Mode until you find your favorite look. Holy glitterbomb, Batman!

Too much, too fast? Check out our full text mask tutorial.


Okay, so let’s say you’re looking for a text mask that’s a little more sedate. One that makes you think of French paintings and rain pattering on the duck pond. The kind of text mask you can drink tea with.

Well friend, the trend that’s in your heart may be watercolor text. Lovely and understated, this artistic text look is beloved the world wide web over. Best of all, it’s dead simple to create in PicMonkey:

  • Follow the steps from the glitter text tutorial until it’s time to go to the Graphics tab.

  • Then, select Your own in Graphics, only instead of opening a glitter graphic, open one with a brushstroke or watercolor pattern. (Again, we point you towards free stock photo sites.)

  • Adjust its Blend Mode. Behold, your magnum opus!

(That’s Latin for “coolest shiz ever.”)


It’s ombre, hombre! First ombre came for our shirts, then our hair; now it’s all up in our design and we’re thrilled about it. Making an ombre text mask is particularly glorious because you can accomplish the whole thing without leaving your PicMonkey tab. What’s better than one-stop shopping?

  • Open a blank canvas in Design, setting the color to white.

  • In the Effects tab, select Ombre and pick colors that move you. Save the ombre canvas as its own image.

  • Open a new blank canvas and follow the text mask steps outlined above until it’s time to pick a graphic. You know the drill!

  • This time, the image you’ll open from the Graphics tab is your ombre canvas.

What’s ultra-plus-cool about saving your own ombre canvas is that it’s infinitely customizable. You can even take that glitter text image you made and create ombre glitter by opening a black-and-white ombre canvas as a graphic. What! Yes! Give us that!

Trends can be fun, especially when they open our eyes to fresh ways of doing things. We hope you’re inspired by one or all of these text mask trends to create beautiful blog headers, pins, web graphics, cards, t-shirts, and whatever else your brain can cook up. If you can’t be a masked superhero, masked text is a pretty good compromise.

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.