Makeup Editor and Photo Retouching

Turn every selfie into a keeper with our intuitive photo makeup editor. Quickly enhance skin, eyes, lips, teeth, and more without sacrificing a natural look. Get started for free today!

How to use PicMonkey’s makeup editor

Open a photo to touch up

Open the photo that you want to apply makeup to in PicMonkey. Click the Touch Up tab on the left to open the digital makeup touch-up tools.

Explore makeup tools

Find the makeup tools or touch-up tools that you want to use. Browse under the categories: Skin, Mouth, Eyes, or "The Rest" which includes sculpt and smoothing tools.

Touch up & apply makeup

Apply makeup to your photo by adjusting the colors, size of the brushes, and the intensity. Remember that you can undo your application if it your pic gets a little too made up.

Apply and share

When your portrait is looking just right after applying digital makeup and skin-smoothing tools, click Apply to finalize the look. Your pic autosaves in our cloud storage if you want to make any future changes.

Natural smile retouching

Give your grin a boost with our Teeth Whiten and Lip Tint tools. Easily brighten pearly whites, then use our color options to find the perfect shade for lips.

Smoother, brighter skin

Blast blemishes, smooth wrinkles, add blush and bronzer—we have all the tools you need to get that perfect glow.

Impactful eye enhancers

Remove red eye, brighten, and make your peepers look their best with digital makeup tools like mascara and eyeshadow.

What can you do with PicMonkey’s photo makeup editor


• Airbrush

• Skin Smoother • Blush Boost • Spray Tan

• Blemish Fix


• Teeth Whiten • Lip Tint


• Eye Brighten • Eye Tint • Mascara • Eyeliner • Eyebrow Pencil • Eye Shadow • Red-eye Remover

The rest

• Sculpt • Narrow • Highlights • Clone

Touch up on desktop or mobile

Get the same tools you love on on PicMonkey's mobile app. We're talking: one-click face editing, skin smoother, teeth whitener, red-eye remover, and even a nip/tuck feature. Fix ya face here, there, everywhere!

Become a photo touch up master with a PicMonkey subscription