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Eye Color Changer

Brighten, beautify, and spice it up with our retouching tool for eyes. Even remove red eye.

Turn around, bright eyes:

We’ve got some stardust for you with this sparkly eye color changer. Get bold, bright eyes in every shot with PicMonkey’s eye color retouching tools. They’re so simple to use, you might even catch yourself having fun.

Easy on the eyes

Eye Brighten

Make eyes pop with our Eye Brighten tool. And we mean party-popper-on-New-Year’s-Eve level pop.

Eye Tint

Eye Tint enhances natural eye color, or grants a rainbow-tinted outlook in any shade you choose.

Color outside the lines

Our smart tool specially targets lashes, then adds eye-batting texture in silky shades of midnight. It’s romance-novel levels of fun.

I peek at him from beneath my lashes
Red Eye Remover

Do you love the haunted-house glint of red eye? Then our red eye remover, designed to exorcise unsettling shades, may not be your bag.

Sorry not sorry
Eyebrow Pencil

Define and thicken with Eyebrow Pencil. Our tool gives brows a natural look, with a menu of shades to match your subject’s eyebrows or hair.

Get a little high-brow
Eye Shadow

Maximize your inner diva: pick from a constellation of colors, contour like a starlet, and tell everyone you’ll be in your trailer.

Get ready for your closeup

Eye color experimentation made easy

Our eye color changer and touch up tools offer all the fun of going wild with makeup and colored contacts, minus the sticker shock.

Slide on over Adjustable sliders control the intensity of your effect. Boost ’em to the max to see exactly where you’re applying, then tone down to taste. Slide to the left, slide to the right

Brush on, brush off For perfect eyes, make your brush a little bigger than the area you want to change. Then hit the erase button and swipe away the excess. Presto, erase-o