Animated Icons & Stickers

Add some movement to your designs with animated icons and stickers! We have a graphics library full of them. Need a custom animated graphic? Make your own at PicMonkey in just a couple clicks. Get started today for free!

How to DIY animated icons

Animate almost anything—the creative limit does not exist.

1. Open an icon graphic Choose a graphic or make one from text or pics in PicMonkey. 

2. Animate it Apply an animation effect of your choice to the icon.

3. Download as a GIF Export your icon as a GIF, or save in PicMonkey to use again and again. 

4. Share Show off your GIF to social, send via text, or add to another design. 

Animated GIFs on the mobile app

The PicMonkey mobile app is a little bit of design magic in your pocket. Make social posts or edit pics on the go, and don’t forget to add (or make!) an animated GIF while you’re at it. (GIFs only in iOS)

Learn more about using animation in your designs at PicMonkey:

How to animate in 1 click
How to animate in 1 click

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through making your own animated text, graphics, or pics in PicMonkey.

Add a GIF to (almost) anything

Learn how to put animated GIFs on your designs plus inspiring ideas for how and where to use them.

Bring designs to life with video
Bring designs to life with video

It’s simple to add video in your work in PicMonkey. Upload your own clips, or choose from our royalty-free stock video library.

PicMonkey makes creating epic content quick and easy. Oh, and fun, too!