Grow Your Support for Movember!

“Movember” is a month-long awareness campaign supporting men’s health issues such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Many men support this effort by growing a mustache during November. But if you’re a woman, you’re up and busted, right? Wrong! We now have two ways to fake a mustache on your photo: Facial Hair graphics and Whisker Grow.

Whisker Grow is our awesome new effect that paints whiskers onto your photo subject, a clump at a time. It’s insanely realistic, especially if you use the eyedropper tool to copy the exact color from your subject’s hair.

Go to our photo editor, then Touch Up, then Whisker Grow, and get Movember-ing.

Read more from The Movember Foundation and check out the mustachio’d ladies of PicMonkey here.

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