Find Your Perfect Photo Texture with These Free Websites

Textures are a great way to bring depth and character to your photos, and adding them is a cinch with PicMonkey. Choose between the photo textures available in the Textures tab of the Editor, or bring your own to the photo editing party.

Here’s a quick look at how to add textures to your photos, plus a roundup of websites where you can find plenty of pretty ones for free.

How to use photo textures

If you haven’t ever tried photo textures, don’t worry—they’re super simple to apply. Let’s try using an option built into the Editor first, to get the hang of things.

  1. Open an image in the Editor.

  2. Find the Textures tab.

  3. Choose a texture group from the menu. For now, let’s use the Paper group.

  4. Click the thumbnails to preview the different textures.

  5. Choose different blend modes from the dropdown menu to alter how the texture mixes with your photo. Each blend mode creates a different look.

  6. Use the Saturation and Fade sliders to get the look you like.

  7. Once you’ve got your texture lookin’ right, hit Apply.

If you want more info, check out this in-depth tutorial on applying textures in PicMonkey.

Where to get free photo textures

Your photo texture options become limitless when you open your own image as a texture in PicMonkey. Use the Your Own option at the top of the Textures tab, then click Open my texture. Open your image from the options provided in the dropdown menu, then alter your texture’s appearance using the blend modes and sliders described in the steps above.

Of course, you can use any photo you’ve taken yourself as a photo texture. However, there are also a bunch of websites that offer free textures to fuel your creativity. Check out the offerings on the following sites—just be sure to double-check the permissions before you use ’em.


TextureKing offers a well-organized folder of metal, fabric, and glass textures that are free to download—no registration required. Textures come with a nonexclusive limited license, meaning you can use them for your personal projects and projects for clients. Check out the terms of use page for specifics.


Texturemate offers a number of textures ranging from organic to industrial. Site creator Bill Scott makes the textures, which can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. No terms of use page here—usage specifics can be found in the paragraph at the bottom of the homepage.

Free Stock Textures

If you’re looking for lush organic textures, Free Stock Textures is the place to go. Amateur photographers Paul Wozniak and Eva Sajdak offer a number of textures in other genres as well. All of their photos are free to use, and they spell out the specifics on their Terms of Service page. Be aware that there is a daily download limit: registered users can download up to 50 images per day, and registering is free. If you prefer to browse anonymously, you can download five images per day.


The well-organized folder at Texturify is very clean and professional. The high-resolution textures include skies, walls, grass, and more, and searching is easy. The images on the site are all free to use, even commercially, as long as they are part of your product. Get the lowdown on all that usage stuff on the terms of use page.

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