Edit Photos from Gmail Because It’s So Cool

Edit Photos from Gmail Because It’s So Cool
November 20, 2013 PicMonkey

Google wants your photo mojo to blend so well with your email mojo, they made a button for it. That’s right, you can now edit your photos with PicMonkey, right from an image in a Gmail message. How awesome is that?

Edit photos from Gmail with PicMonkey, and all the world's hairless cats will be yours.

Here’s how the new feature works:

  • Pictures attached to Gmail messages will show up as thumbnails in the mail message. Click the thumbnail.
  • The image will enlarge, with an “Open with” button below it. Click the button.
  • If you’ve already installed the PicMonkey Chrome app, you’ll see it under Connected apps. Click it and zoom: you and your photo are teleported, Star Trek-like, to PicMonkey to begin your edit-ification.
  • If you see PicMonkey as a Suggested app, go ahead and click it and you’ll be instructed how to start the clickety-fast download to get this app operating within your Chrome browser.
  • If you don’t see PicMonkey in either slot, click Connect more apps and go get yourself some Monkey!

Google rolls out new features gradually, a few kajillion people at a time, so if it isn’t enabled for you now, it will be soon. To learn all the geeky bits behind the story, read here.

Why is PicMonkey beaming about this? One question we want a lot of different answers for is: How will I get my pictures into PicMonkey? Every day, we look for new ways because we want your creative time to be a no-brainer. So you get to do it more. And instead of going to bed thinking I didn’t do anything fun today, you smile and go Man, that was fun editing my photos today!

In conclusion: edit your photos from Gmail. Smile.

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