Photo Overlays

Give your photos a magical makeover with photo overlays. Instantly add dimension or accents. PicMonkey has photo overlays for every vibe—from leisure time to social media to office life.

What you can do with photo overlays

Overlay your way

Do you want just a stylish hint of a light leak, or do you want to totally mess things up? You have total control over how much or how little overlay you use. Try an overlay

Create your own look

There’s more to branding than choosing colors and making a logo. Support your brand by using textures to create an instantly recognizable look for your pics. Start branding

So many photo overlays to choose from

Use any of our textures as photo overlays. Apply foils, zebra stripes, stone, or wood to your pics. And naturally, there’s plenty of glitter.


How to use photo overlays on your pics

1. See – Click Textures.

2. Choose – Select a texture, and it will appear on your photo.

3. Edit – Change position, blend mode, and attributes.

4. Apply – Click Apply, and your photo is ready to go.

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