Draw on images with PicMonkey

For simple doodles all the way to artful drawings, we've got the tools you need to draw on images your way.

How to draw on a photo or graphic

Choose the tip

With your image open, click Draw in the side tabs. Choose Pencil, Paint Brush, or Spray Paint.

Choose a color

Use one of the preselected swatches or use our millions-of-options color picker tool.

Draw lines

Drag your mouse across your image to create lines. Click Apply when you're done.

Adjust, adorn, adore

Apply textures to your drawing, use effects, crop, rotate, even add a drop shadow.

Add doodles to your photos for fun and emphasis

Add a squiggle here, a ziggle there, or dozens to make up a pattern. Use doodles to call attention to a product feature, or create a focal point of your design. Different tips take you from pencil scribbles to finger paint  stripes.

Change it up with powerful photo editing tools

Don't stop there: get next-level with the full power of our design and photo editing toolkit. Want to erase parts of your drawing, so it appears behind your photo subject? Boom! Get a texture to appear inside the stroke — gradient, anyone? Crop, drop shadow, and rotate like a champ.

Sketchy graphics, fonts, and textures

PicMonkey's got ready-to-go assets for creating hand-drawn looks, super fast. Doodled graphics like arrows, scribbles, and sketchy shapes, plus chalk-lined doodles and brush strokes. Handwriting fonts that say: someone wrote this. And if you need to fill your background, our doodle-filled textures are just the thing.

See all you can do with PicMonkey

Glow up your pics with photo editing

So much more than filters and effects, editing photos with PicMonkey is easy and delivers stunning results.

Bring images together with Collage

Use our powerful collage tool to create beautiful gridded collages, or try ready-made freeform collage templates.

Make your mark with design tools

Need a social post, an invitation, or an ad? Our graphic design tools get the job done, on brand.

Up your image game with PicMonkey