PicMonkey Chooses Top Colors for 2021

As we all well know, 2020 has been a doozy of a year—to put it mildly—so as we look forward to a new one we're hoping for better days ahead in 2021. Our design team here at PicMonkey chose their favorite colors to represent the big feelings we're all having about putting this year behind us and moving forward. This optimistic bunch sees a lot of sunshine and blue skies in our color future, proving once again that art and design provide a transformative experience, one that's so important when times are tough.

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Natalie Wilson, Visual Design Lead

Color: Illuminating, hex code: #F5DF4D

Why I chose it: With 2020 soon to be in our rearview mirror, I’m looking forward to a fresh start and renewed energy. Working through the pains of the past, this color brings the friendly and joyful tone of a sunny day. It’s an optimistic yellow, and I can almost feel the sun on my face when I close my eyes. We should acknowledge the work to be done, and embody the type of energy this color brings to empower us to face new or ongoing struggles. Not to be used in large doses, it’s an accent meant to liven and breathe joy into what it surrounds. 

Erin Oostra, Visual Designer

Color: Cerulean, hex code: #9BB7D4

Why I chose it: 2020 was weird. All of my best-laid plans seemed to fly out the window and into an abyss. What this made room for, however, was an open door for new plans and opportunities that I would have otherwise passed by.

In the stress of all the change, I found peace and continue to look for more of it in this cerulean color. Its lightness reminds me of views of the big open sky on a serene, crystal-clear day. The freshness of this blue reminds me to move like a mountain river, winding around every obstacle in its path. And the hue's softness reminds me that things will all work out in the end the way they're supposed to.

Troy Coleman, Principal Designer

Color: Maglia Rosa, hex code: #F59BBB

Why I chose it: We're (almost) done with 2020. I hope that we can all move forward with creativity, optimism, inclusion, and leadership. For that reason I choose Maglia Rosa—or pink—as my color for 2021. Pink is a cheerful color that delights, representing the freedom of expression, creativity, and playfulness and who couldn't use more of that right now?  

Maglia Rosa is the color of the cycling jersey worn by the race leader in the Giro d’Italia, one of the few grand tours we got to watch this year after having been postponed by COVID. To me, as a cyclist, this color represents leadership and perseverance in adverse conditions. For these reasons pink motivates me to be on my bike, and my time on the bike is my meditation—it keeps me grounded and it helps me be a better designer and father. It keeps me calm, focused, and fuels my creativity. When I wear this color, I hear the words of my four-year old daughter (who is now eight) reassuring me: "Oh daddy! It’s okay for boys to wear pink!” Now when we go out together I wear pink—for her, and for me.

Taylor Kunkel, Visual Design Lead

Color: Blue Sky, hex code #4298B5

Why I chose it: We all know what this year was and wasn’t. In addition to a global pandemic, I feel this year was a year that really forced me to take some time and look inward. A year to truly reflect on where I find peace, where I am most calm, what truly makes me happy—all those fun things I kind of stuff away in a box and never have the time to think about, or choose to not think about.

So when I finally did start to think about these things, I would close my eyes and the first thing I would see is this color. The bright blue sky above me, walking my dog on the canal, apple orchards to my left, and corn fields to my right. 

Here's to finding more blue skies in 2021. 

Crystal Goade, Creative Director

Color: Inclusive, hex code: #INCLSV 😉

Why I chose it: Full disclosure - this isn’t really a hex color (but wouldn't that be rad?). This "color" represents my message and my hope for 2021: You are not alone. You will always matter. We are in this together.

I’m hoping 2021 brings more diversity, more inclusion, and a rainbow of opportunities for everyone. Because a full spectrum of colors, plus a little love, wins. 

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