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photo doodles 5 ideas for how to draw on images or write on pictures

Photo Doodles: 5 Ideas for Drawing on Pics (on Purpose)

Use the Draw Tool to make these of-the-moment designs.
coronavirus covid templates and graphics for social media

A Roundup of COVID-19 Design Templates & Stickers

make an instagram post with photo masking

Design 101: Learn Photo Masking & Create a Gorgeous Instagram Post

Learn how to do text and graphic masking with photos.
comic book images

Get the Comic Book Photo Effect with PicMonkey

Give your images the superhero treatment with comic bubbles, shields, and logos to make them KA-POW!
Make infographics in picmonkey

Create an Infographic — Five Popular Styles

Making infographics can be simple: Follow our tips and learn how to make infographics 5 different wa...

How to Make 5 Ripped Paper Designs in PicMonkey

The layered, ripped paper design technique makes for a surrealist, eye-catching social media post. W...
make a business card with simple graphics

Design Outstanding Business Cards With PicMonkey Graphics

Diving into how to use PicMonkey’s highly customizable, stylish graphics and design templates to cre...

8 Ways to Use Our Website Graphics on Your Blog

Ideas to make your website stand out using graphics.

Behind the Design | Constellations

Get this look - add constellations to your photos with PicMonkey, and see more concepts on IG @picmo...

Behind the Design | Glitter and a Girl


Apply Anything to Anything in PicMonkey

Touch Up more than faces. Add textures to fonts. Spice up your projects with unexpected effects.

How to Use Graphics

Create amazing designs with masks, blend modes, layers, and more.

Hack the Monkey with These Right Click Tricks

Did you know you can edit image elements in PicMonkey with just a right click? Master text and overl...

Make Custom Patches with PicMonkey’s Backyard Cookout and Great Outdoors Overlays

We've got two new sets of overlays for you, and decided to rock it 90s-style by making DIY patches t...

4th of July Graphics to Light Up Your Summer

Our new Stars & Stripes overlays are waiting to grace patriotic party invites and anything else that...