Holiday Cards for the Ho-Ho-Hurried

When you visualize the holiday season, you probably think about roasting chestnuts and twinkling lights and chillaxing moments with a mug of hot cocoa. Instead, it can be utter madness, as we all know. Hosting holiday parties, shopping, more shopping, and working long hours as you stretch toward that luscious winter break. Who has time to gather the family around for a few holiday pics?

If you’ve found yourself down to the wire, try making a graphical holiday card in PicMonkey. Below are some quicky examples our designers whipped up to spark some inspiration. All cards are sized 5” x 7”.

Text-ualize your message

Some cards say all they need with just a quick turn of phrase. Sample some of our favorites: “Be Merry,” “Comfort & Joy,” “Oh What Fun,” “Happy Festivus” or “Where’s My Figgy Pudding, Earthling?” Be off-key or traditional but make the holiday greeting the focal point of your card design.

Tips: For this card we applied the ornament-shaped Holiday Cutout from the SantaLand theme and decreased the cutout size to 0% so the swatch covers the entire canvas. We then applied a rectangular Geometric graphic (using the color picker to match the graphic to the ornaments) and the “Be Merry” message. This text is Playfair, found in SantaLand.

Take our graphics all the way

The details on this festive card were created with just one graphic and a bit of text. Can you say simple? This is a great one if you’re cramped for time. The graphic we used here is located in Stockings, but you can find other cheery candidates in Santa’s Buddies or Stuffers.

Tips: Begin a card like this with the blank canvas in Design. Have a hex code at the ready for your canvas color, or match the hex code of your graphic, using the color picker. For your greeting, have fun with a font mix and match. For this card, we used Geo Sans Light and Budmo Jiggler.

Ornaments delight

This little number is probably our most involved card but it’s so sweet, it’s worth the extra couple steps. Use various PicMonkey graphics to decorate your card. Ornaments, Stockings or an arrangement of Gift graphics would work perfectly. Falling snowflakes from our Winterland theme on a blue or gray blank canvas would also look lovely, if we do say so ourselves. Once you have your graphics arranged just so, select one of our eight pre-baked Season’s Messages.

Tips: Again, this card is best started using the Design feature. We recommend sticking to a color scheme of 3-4 colors for your card. You can keep these colors consistent with the color picker. Also, see the strings the ornaments are dangling from? They can be created with a very, very slender rectangular Geometric Graphic. For speed, right-click on the first string you make to duplicate it for the rest.

(Watch Jenn make this card in a video tutorial here.)


This card is striking and waaaay easy. Consider how you can leverage PicMonkey’s wide range of graphics for letter replacements. An Evertree for an “A,” an Ornament for an “O,” a Stocking or Candy Cane Treat as a “J.” Get creative!

Tips: With this card, we started with the Design feature and really stretched the text large. To make space between letters for the graphic, create two separate text boxes for the “PE” and the “CE.” Use the color picker to match the color of the text with the graphic.

The possibilities are endless when you get a PicMonkey membership.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.