4th of July Graphics to Light Up Your Summer

Happy 240th birthday, America! It’s time for your citizens to celebrate with food cooked on outdoor grills, awe-inducing (and possibly finger-removing) explosions, flag-covered attire, and an Independence Day movie sequel.

At PicMonkey, we’re saying “yay USA!” with a glorious new set of 4th of July graphics, a.k.a. graphics, from designer Danielle Johnson. Find them in the Graphics tab (under Stars & Stripes), where they’re waiting to grace patriotic party invites and anything else that creative red, white, and blue enthusiasts come up with. We’ve whipped up a few designs for inspiration—check them out below and then get (fire)crackin’ on your own.

Drink up the fun

In the words of Toby Keith,

“Now, red Solo® cup is the best receptacle/For barbecues, tailgates, fairs and festivals.”

This iconic party essential is also perfect for your invites. Add a selection from Labels (also in the Graphics tab), some text, and you’re good to go.

Tips: To stack your virtual cups on the quick, right-click and select duplicate graphic. Once you’ve created your desired number of graphics, layer them over each other.

To make your text box the right shape, hold the shift key while you resize it. That way, you can stretch it horizontally or vertically.

Sparkler soiree

Firework graphics make designs pop—regardless of the occasion or time of year. This sparkler graphic adds visual interest to an invite made with a simple two-cell collage. Check out our “Intro to Collage” article for nifty tips on using our collage maker.

Tip: To get a subtle, tone-on-tone look like this sparkler on a red background, use the color picker in the Graphic palette to select a hue close to your background color. You can use the Fade slider, also on the Graphic palette, to change the opacity of your graphic.

Diggity dog

Our new graphics were created as 4th of July graphics, but why not use them to feel the Independence Day spirit all year ’round? Put them to use on your non-holiday creations, like this cookout invite.

Tip: To match your text to your graphic, highlight it in your text box and click the color bar on the Text palette. When your cursor transforms into an eyedropper, click the area of your graphic you want to match your text color to, and your words will change hues.

An Uncle Sam-tastic good time

Tell your guests, “We want YOU … to come to our party” with an Uncle-Sam-inspired 4th of July graphic. You can make him more body-licious (as in, give him some legs and hands), with selections from Geometric in the Graphics tab. To get your creative brain wheels a-turnin’ before you start assembling appendages, check out our article on “Making Your Own Graphics in PicMonkey.”

Tip: Wondering how to pick fonts that look sooo good together? We’ve got all the info you need in our font pairing article.

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