How to Make Your Own Zoom Background

Working from home inevitably means video conferencing and, as advanced as remote working options have become, there’s always room for a little improvement, no? We’re talking about customizing your video conferencing background! Treat your co-workers, friends and family to a change of scenery by creating your own Zoom background — we have templates that all ready to use, or you can start from scratch and make one that’s uniquely you.

Check out the video tutorial by Fabs and read on for step-by-step instructions.

Steps to make a custom Zoom background

  1. Start with a blank canvas sized 1280 x 720px (this is the exact same size as our YouTube thumbnail template BTW).

  2. Use the Background palette to change the color of your canvas or replace it with an image. 

  3. To add graphics to your background go to the Graphics tab, search or browse graphics, then customize using the Graphic palette.  

  4. To make a textured background, go to the Textures tab and choose a gradient (or any texture you like) to apply to your background. 

  5. Add text if you like, or browse our stock photo library to make your background a pic. 

  6. Export to your computer, then upload to Zoom!

Use a Zoom background template from PicMonkey

We’ve made a whole bunch of ready-to-go Zoom backgrounds if you’d rather grab one and get on with it. Just go to the Templates tab, search “zoom” and choose the one you like. 

Pro tip: You can still add your touch to these templates by swapping in your own pics or graphics, or by typing in a message — in short, they’re fully customizable!

How to upload a background to Zoom

  1. Open Zoom.

  2. Click the carat in the bottom left of your video screen.

  3. Choose “Virtual background”.

  4. Click the “+” icon to add your own image. 

  5. Upload your background. 

Note: if you have text on your background you may need to select “Mirror my background” so the words won’t read backwards. Need some inspiration? 20 Funny Zoom Backgrounds You Can Make in a Flash

Explore what else you can do in PicMonkey: use our reshape photo tools, make a color splash image, or get fresh ideas for your Instagram backgrounds!

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