Make a Meme (and Win the Internet) in Minutes

How to make a meme in PicMonkey:

  1. Open a new canvas in Design

  2. Apply a texture or a background

  3. Open your picture as a graphic

  4. Erase unwanted image elements

  5. Add witty text

  6. Rule the internet

Do you have a feline prone to hilarious facial expressions, an article of clothing with a deceptive color scheme, or a burning question best expressed by a philosophical dinosaur? Then harness the power of the internet meme, and share that good stuff with the world. You round up the cool images and clever words, and we’ll show ya how to meme-ify them in minutes.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the process, while simultaneously launching the internet’s favorite animal into outer space:

Start with a blank canvas and add a meme background (with Textures)

Open a new blank canvas in Design, and head to the Textures tab. Pick the background for your meme from the texture category groups, or click the Your Own button to use an image from your private folder.

Head to the Graphics tab and click Add your own

Head to the Graphics tab and click Add your own. Once you’ve opened your image and adjusted it to the size you want, click Eraser on the Graphic palette to remove the parts of your image that you don’t want. Use the Eraser size slider and Zoom slider (bottom toolbar) to make removing parts of your image easier. Don’t worry about getting things exactly right—memes aren’t known for their flawlessness.

Choose a font and add your text

Choose a font from the options in the Text tab. (Compact fonts like League Gothic or Franchise work well.) You can also bring in the original “meme font,” called Impact. If that’s the look you’re after, find it from one of the many font resources online and download it. It’ll show up in PicMonkey under Yours in the Text tab.

Adjust your text color in the Text palette, then head to Effects. To get that meme-ilicious white font with a black outline, play with Drop Shadow in dropdown menu under Effects. Set the distance to zero, and the Horizontal and Vertical blur sliders somewhere between 5 and 10. Adjust the Intensity slider to taste.

Save your meme masterpiece

That’s it! Click Save in the top-left corner, give your file a name, and send your meme out into cyberspace.

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