Dearly Beloved: Wedding Graphic Design

If you’re getting married, first of all: Yay! Secondly: Ouch! You’re probably hammered by a humongatroid to-do list. Well, knock off a few wedding graphic design items: invitations, save the date cards, and thank you cards. You can make them all with PicMonkey, DIY bride!

Our designers have researched the top wedding design trends for this year and have cooked up some great graphical looks to inspire you. Here are four different wedding designs: photo-based, bold shapes, typographic, and floral. Make all of them with our easy-peasy photo editing and design tools, and if you don’t wanna start from scratch, make sure to peruse our folder of designer-crafted templates.

Photo Classic

Using a photo for your cards and invitations will never go out of style. A photograph sends a meaningful message to friends and loved ones because there’s nothing like seeing the look of joy on the soon-to-be wed couple’s faces. A black and white photo effect lends an artistic feel, and softens skin flaws in one click (think of how perfect stars’ complexions look in old Hollywood films). Using classic typefaces on the photo is a great way to make the card stand the test of time.

Tips: For a rich, black and white look, click the Effects tab and apply the Daguerreotype effect using the Brady setting. Adjust the Brightness slider in Exposure (Basic Edits tab) to help your text pop. For an elegant message, pair Rokkit and Tall Dark And Handsome fonts.

Modern and Shape-ly

This design focuses on bold shapes and bright color. Chevron patterns will continue to be popular this year, paired with minimalistic san-serif typography (think Jonathan Adler). It’s trendy to be adventurous with bright colors combined with subtly muted tones. This card features bright gold, then retains balance by using muted greens, and purple. The bold pattern is stabilized by using a large amount of whitespace around understated typography.

Tips: To get the awesome chevron background in this card, make a collage that has just one cell in it, and fill it with chevron swatch from the Winterland set. Click Edit in the top toolbar to bring it into the Editor and experiment with Tint (Effects tab) and Exposure (Basic Edits tab) to get the right color. Layer Geometric circles and Bursting Blossoms (Graphics tab) for whimsical decoration. The fonts Geo Sans Light and Santos Dumont display your message gorgeously.


Stacking typography makes for a modern, design-savvy look. In this card, typography guides the design, complemented by an uber-stylish paper ephemera background. We’ve used the popular color palette of peachy pink, orange, and mint against light brown, and pair display fonts with softening script typefaces. Birds are very fashionable this year, and continue to be second only to flowers in wedding paperie.

Tips: Add texture to the card with the striped Paper texture from the SchoolU theme. Labels graphics are a great backdrop for your text. The fonts Playball, Ultra, and Ostrich Sans Inline add a light playfulness to this save the date. Combine them with Birds, Hearts, and Arrows graphics for extra punch.

Elegantly Floral

Floral themes for weddings have been around forever, but continually morph in style, depending on design trends. This year’s trends encourage a dramatic look with elegant florals, and navy blue is a very popular color in wedding decor. The navy in this save the date card, in contrast with the pastel florals, gives the card a rich look that drips with regal drama.

Tips: Use the Design button on the homepage to create a dark blue blank canvas — we used hex color code #202e48. Stretch those Vintage Blossoms large! Match a Labels graphic to the background to keep the look cohesive. Make a sophisticated message by pairing the fonts Playfair with Quicksand.

Extending the design

Once you have the design for your save the date card or wedding invitation made, it’s easy to translate the same style to other paper goods for your special day. Use the same elements throughout all of your designs, and simply reorganize them to make room for messaging. Take notes while you create, so you can remember which fonts, graphics, and color hex codes you used to keep a uniform look. Magnifique! Now, who’s in charge of licking stamps?

 Wanna DIY it right? Then say “I do” to a PicMonkey membership.

 Wanna DIY it right? Then say “I do” to a PicMonkey membership.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.