PicMonkey mobile app for iOS

Rule the photoverse.

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It’s your life: edit how you want

PicMonkey’s mobile app for iOS puts the photo effects and tools you love into one sleek package—and gives you the power to easily recolor, reshape, and remix your pics.

All the photo filters

Our top-of-the-line filters are so pro, it’s hard to stick to just one—and you don’t have to. Layer as many filters together as you want.

Paint on, paint off

PicMonkey photo effects can be erased from where you don’t want ‘em—or selectively applied using Paint mode. Finally, freedom!

Add custom text

Put your own stylish spin on photos with tailored text. Choose a favorite font, customize your color—even add a drop shadow.

A world of stickers

Our original stickers add a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi to your pics. (That’s French for “aqua unicorn and bonus disco ball.”) Resize and recolor at will.

Special effects: photo filters done your way

No need for a stunt double—PicMonkey’s photo effects give you ultimate power to reimagine your pics. Whether you want a micro-targeted tweak or a total makeover, leave your mark on your photos with our flexible tools.


This ain’t your granddad’s photo editing: layer two, three, or ten photo filters at a time.

Paint on

Put effects exactly where you want them with PicMonkey’s Paint mode.


Selectively erase filters from your pics to get a uniquely-you look.


Go your own way with our Draw tool and give your pics that handcrafted quality. Erase, change color, and adjust transparency on all your creations.

Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
PicMonkey IOS 8 and up Photo Editor
PicMonkey Android 2.3 and up Photo Editor