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PicMonkey Help & Support

How to Use the Color Picker

To access PicMonkey's color picking tools, click a design element in your image—a graphic, some text, the background—and click the color dot or the rainbow circle at the top of the palette that opens. This will open the color sub-palette, which contains two tabs: the spectrum tab and the swatches tab.

Spectrum tab

Click the rainbow circle icon at the top of the sub-palette to access the spectrum tab. This type of color chooser is often called a "color picker."

Start by dragging the slider on the color continuum bar at the bottom to pull up different color ranges in the color spectrum box above it. Then drag the selector circle around the spectrum until you find a specific color within that range. As you do so, the color dot above the spectrum will reflect that color choice, and so will the element you've selected in your design.

Swatches tab

Click the painter's palette icon at the top of the sub-palette to access the swatches tab. The swatches tab contains a slew of pre-designated colors you can just click to choose. Colors from a traditional color wheel show up top; all the colors you've designated in your brand kit appear below that; and colors you've recently used are at the bottom.

Hex code

If you know the "hex" code of the color you want, type it into the box next to the color dot in the spectrum tab. A hex code is a six-digit code that begins with a "#" symbol — find the hex codes for specific colors by browsing through PicMonkey's Guide to Color.


The Eyedropper helps you choose exactly what color you want from another part of the image you're editing. Click the eyedropper and hover over the desired color in your image. Click to apply it to the selected layer.

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