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Video: How to Erase Graphics & Text

The Erase tool allows you to erase specific parts of your design.

To erase part of a graphic:

1. Open an image or template in PicMonkey.

2. On the Layers panel, select the graphic you want to erase (or click the graphic directly from the canvas). The Graphic Tools menu will open on the left.

3. Click the Erase tool. Hold and drag it across the part of the graphic that you want to erase.

4. Use the Size slider to adjust the size of the eraser.

5. Use the Hardness slider to make the edges of the eraser marks either blurry or sharp.

6. Use the Strength slider to adjust how much of the graphic shows through when you erase.

7. Use the Rotation slider to change the orientation of a non-round eraser or brush tip. Note that all subscribers have access to a circular brush shape; Pro and Business subscribers also have 9 different shapes to choose from.

8. Use the Spacing slider to use the brush more like a continuous line of stamps. You can also use the Erase tool as a singular stamp, as seen in our example below (notice the star-stamped workout ball).

If you'd like to paint parts of your erased image back on, use the brush (paintbrush icon). The same process above applies to removing parts of a text layer, with the only difference being that you'll access the Erase tool from the Text Tools menu (it'll open up on the left tab column just like the Graphic Tools menu, once you've selected a text layer).

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