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Uploading Your Own Graphics to PicMonkey

In PicMonkey, you have the option of using our graphics or adding your own. Your own graphics can be anything from images to icons to photos to videos. Adding an image as a graphic is the first step toward mastering advanced design techniques like background erasing and masking.

To add your own graphics in PicMonkey

  1. Go to the Graphics tab on the left column.

  2. Click Add your own image at the top of the Graphics menu.

  3. Select the location of your image (computer, stock photos, Hub, etc.).

Accepted file types: PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, MP4, MOV, HEIC (Mac only)

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Editing your own graphics

When you click on an uploaded graphic, the Image Tools menu will appear in the left panel. Use this to customize your graphic. Keep in mind, if you want to put your graphic on things (say, for instance, if it's a logo that you'd like to use to brand products), then you'll need to remove its background first and download the final graphic as a PNG file—this'll ensure your graphic retains its transparent background.

Below are a few popular editing practices outside of the Image Tools menu.

How to crop an image

Our Crop tool lets you manually adjust the proportions of your image. To use:

  1. Click Crop on the Edits tab. 

  2. Set crop size by selecting proportions in the drop-down menu, or set your own dimensions in the Width and Height fields. You can also drag the corner handles of the crop box to your desired crop.  

  3. Switch between horizontal and vertical crop areas with the Rotate crop button.

  4. Click Apply to crop your image, or Cancel to return to the Edits tab.

How to resize an image

Using the Resize tool allows you to change the size of an image without cropping it. Simply:

  1. Click Resize tool on the Edits tab. 

  2. Check the Keep proportions box (the chain icon) to automatically update the height or width when you modify one or the other.

  3. Enter the new dimensions.

  4. Click Apply to resize your image, or Cancel to return to the Edits tab.

How to apply effects to an image

PicMonkey has dozens of photo effects you can apply to your images. To do so:

  1. Click the Effects tab and choose your desired effect.

  2. Adjust the sliders to change its look. 

  3. Click Apply to save your changes, or Cancel to return to the Effects tab.

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