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Uploading Your Own Graphics to PicMonkey

In PicMonkey, you have the option of using our graphics or adding your own. Your own graphics can be anything from images to icons to photos to videos. Adding an image as a graphic is the first step toward mastering advanced design techniques like background erasing and masking.

To add your own graphics in PicMonkey

  1. Go to the Graphics tab on the left tool bar.

  2. Click the Add your own image button at the top of the Graphics menu.

  3. Select the location of your image (Computer, Hub, Stock Photos, Other), or drag your image into the photo box.

Editing your own graphics

You can edit any graphic you put in PicMonkey. Some edits include:


To crop an image:

  1. Click Crop on the Edits tab. 

  2. Set crop size by selecting  proportions in the drop-down menu, or set your own dimensions in the Width and Height fields.  

  3. Switch between horizontal and vertical crop areas with the Rotate crop button.

  4. Click Apply to crop the image, or click Cancel to return to the Edits tab.


To change the size of the image without cropping it:

  1. Click Resize tool on the Edits tab. 

  2. Check the Keep proportions box (the chain icon) to automatically update the height or width when you modify one or the other.

  3. Enter the new dimensions.

  4. Click Apply to resize the image, or click Cancel to return to the Edits tab.

Apply effects

PicMonkey has dozens of photo effects you can apply to your images (not that you cannot apply effects to video or GIF). To apply an effect:

  1. Click the Effects tab

  2. Adjust the sliders to change the look. 

  3. Click Apply to apply the effect to the image, or click Cancel to return to the Effects tab.

To learn more about editing yours AND our graphics, see How to Edit Graphics.

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