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Make a poster that’s kick-butt

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In this rough-and-tumble visual world, nothing grabs attention like an arresting poster design. PicMonkey has the powerful tools, flexibility, and ease of use you need to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece.
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Standard Poster Sizes

Use our canvas presets to design perfectly sized posters, or go freeform and select any dimensions you want.

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Custom Poster Design

Start with a solid foundation: your pick of any shade in the universe. Match your text and overlays to the canvas color you choose.

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Poster Template Additions

Our 1100+ overlays scale ginormous or itsy-bitsy, so make them the star of your poster or one in a galaxy—they’ll look perfect either way.

Dream big (or small) >

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The Perfect Fonts

From “school sock hop” to “grunge band’s next gig,” set the mood with our designer-curated fonts—or open your own right in our tool.

The writing’s on the wall >

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Textures for Poster Making

Bring depth to your poster design with lustrous textures. You can fade and selectively erase any texture to keep the focus where you want it.

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Flexible Poster Design

When it comes to creativity, you’re the maestro: we give you the tools you need, make posters as simple as possible, and get out of your way.

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Posters for all occasions

PicMonkey’s flexible graphic design tool provides unlimited poster-making powers. Unleash your inner artiste or marketing maven with a custom poster for any occasion.

Event poster

Got an event to promote? Make a poster that informs and inspires with PicMonkey. Text effects like drop shadow offer ultra-readability, our overlays provide over 1100 ways to stand out, and our sophisticated eye dropper tool lets you match colors like a pro.

Art poster

The way we see it, you could spend some money on a poster that kinda-sorta matches what you want from your decor—or you could design an art poster to print in PicMonkey, and get exactly what you want for way less money. Your call, Hoss.