Guide to the Color Whitesmoke

Dive deep into the color whitesmoke. Find color palettes, get the codes for adding ’em to your designs—explore your color-dreaming heart out.
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Whitesmoke color codes

Nail the exact color whitesmoke in your design by using the code from any one of these systems for color identification.

RGBr: 245, g: 245, b: 245
HSLh: 0°, s: 0%, l: 96%
HSVh: 0°, s: 0%, v: 96%
CMYKc: 0%, m: 0%, y: 0%, k: 4%

Whitesmoke color palettes


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The color whitesmoke in percentages

If you're identifying color for pretty much anything digital, you're working in an RGB colorspace. If the project you're working on requires percentage representation, whitesmoke is made of 96% red, 96% green, and 96% blue.

If you're identifying color for a print project, you're most likely using a CMYK colorspace—the percentages are 0% cyan, 0% magenta, 0% yellow, 4% black.

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