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Color continuum - part of PicMonkey's color picker tool for getting the exact color in your design.

Get an Exact Color Using Color Pickers, Hex Codes, and More

Red is red, but is this red really red? Learn how to specify an exact color in your designs.
Smiling woman in pink turtleneck with glitter shadow effect applied to background.

Electrify Your Designs with the Glitch Effect and Other Trendy Looks

See the trendiest of the trendiest effects that PicMonkey has to offer and learn how to capture thes...
PicMonkey's Smart Resize tool outputs images in multiple sizes

Use Smart Resize to Output Your Image to Multiple Sizes Supafast

Learn how to use Smart Resize to instantly output an image to multiple sizes without stretching or s...
Filters you won't find on Instagram

Beyond Instagram Filters: Get a Unique Look With These 9 Flexible Effects

PicMonkey has the bomb filters for making your pics look epic. Check 'em out!

Pro: The Ultimate PicMonkey Experience

For those of you who are looking for the pro-est PicMonkey experience, Pro is here.

Use These Makeup Tips to Take Your Touch Up Game to the Next Level

Tons of our Touch Up features are inspired by makeup. Just for you, we've compiled a list of makeup ...

The Layers Palette, Demystified

Of course you can pay me in layers! Adjust, edit, flatten, and delete with ease using our brand new ...

Everything You Need to Know about Blend Modes in PicMonkey

Wondering what "blend modes" are? (Hint: they have nothing to do with the kitchen appliance you use ...

Make a Meme with the PicMonkey Mobile App

Check out this tutorial and learn how easy it is to make a meme with the PicMonkey mobile app. 'Caus...

Hub and Mobile are Better Together

This tutorial walks through two of PicMonkey's latest features – Hub and mobile – showing you how to...

9 Top-Tier PicMonkey Tutorials Made by You

These tutorials created by PicMonkeyers will blow your mind, knock your socks off, and help you disc...

How to Enhance Your Pics with Unsharp Mask

Add extra polish to your pictures with our unsharp mask and sharpening features.

Create a Standout Presentation with Prezi and PicMonkey

Get inspired! Want the coolest presentations on the block? Check out these helpful tips on how to us...

Yours, Truly: Using Your Own Graphics and Fonts in PicMonkey

Customize your creations by using your own fonts, graphics, and other good stuff with our tools. We'...

Creating a Great School Portrait

Learn how to create A+ portraits with these shooting and editing tips.