Supremium: The Ultimate PicMonkey Membership

Supremium: The Ultimate PicMonkey Membership

Imagine a home where you have unlimited storage. You’ve got big walk-in closets, massive floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and a food pantry with built-in bins. That’s one of the many advantages of our new Supremium membership—endless storage for all your creations plus unlimited containers to organize them. What’s more, you’ll get all of the awe-inspiring features of Premium, formerly known as Royale, so you can take your photos and designs to the stratosphere.


Unlimited Hub storage

As a Supremium member, you can save as many pictures as you want in Hub, the storage feature that lets you edit the text and overlays in your pics even after you’ve saved them. This feature is a game changer if you love making great images and want ultimate creative flexibility. Small biz owners, we’re talking to you! Save your newsletter template, banner ads, social posts—anything and everything you regularly use, reuse, and revise.

Organize Hub with Collections

Supremium's Collections feature allows you to organize your photos into handy buckets within Hub.

Supremium also introduces Collections, which lets you organize pictures in Hub into groups for easy access and handy labeling. So if you’re a prolific photo fanatic, you’ll be able to create custom collections by subject, locale, time period—whatever works for you. Or if you’re a business owner, use Collections to organize things like your web assets, logo variations, product photos, and advertisements.

Now that you’re familiar with Supremium’s new offerings, let’s do a quick review of all the great Premium features that you’ll also get with your Supremium membership.

Fonts, fonts, and more fonts!


You know you love fonts. You know you need fonts. Premium members (and now Supremium, too!) get all of our best fonts, from the silly to the sophisticated, the scary to the stylish. You’ll also get our eye-catching text effects to make your words pop, including Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, and Knockout.

The very best Touch Up


Our premium Touch up tools let you completely transform your subject’s look or tweak it with subtle improvements that are barely perceptible. Do you only want to get rid of those squint lines, or do you want to make your entire face as smooth as a baby’s bottom? Do you want to add a smidgen of blush to that wan complexion or do you want to layer on the mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, and eye shadow so you look like you just stepped off a Paris runway? You can even lose those last five pounds with Weight Loss and finally fit into your skinny jeans!

Cloning for good, not evil


When you hear the word clone, you might think scary sci-fi movie. We at PicMonkey think of photo-saving surgery. Our Clone tool allows you to select a portion of your photo, then apply that same color or texture to another portion that you want to get rid of. Use it to eliminate distracting objects in the background, scars and stray hairs, stains and splotches, and all those pesky fingers and thumbs that find their way into your shots.

Templates: Your ticket to great design


Our most deluxe templates are reserved for our Supremium and Premium members. Templates are artist-crafted designs that you can use to create invites, announcements, business cards, and more. Because they’re 100 percent customizable, you can change as much or as little as you want. Our templates are replenished regularly, particularly during holidays and special times of the year.

Create custom effects


Look, we know we’re always going on and on about our premium effects. We’re like proud parents who can’t stop gushing over their kids. So let’s talk about something else—custom effects! You can create a custom effect by layering effects on top of each other, and once you achieve that perfect combination, save it by clicking Save custom effect. Give it a name and it’ll appear at the top of the effects menu, so you can use it anytime you want.

A cornucopia of overlays


Supremium and Premium members have access to an overwhelming number of overlays for everyday designs and special occasions. Need some snazzy stickers for your Fourth of July party invite? Check out the goods in Backyard Cookout. Designing a baby announcement for your pregnant friend? Go to the Baby overlays and you’ll find everything from onesies to booties to little rubber duckies.

If you count on PicMonkey for your photo editing and design needs, if you want easy access to all of your creations, and if you want the ability to re-edit your pictures at any time, Supremium is the choice for you.

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world.