Find Your Pics on the Quick with PicMonkey Collections

Find Your Pics on the Quick with PicMonkey Collections
March 16, 2017 PicMonkey

Collections is an image organization feature included in PicMonkey’s Supremium membership plan. If you’ve always got a few projects on the burner, or if you create images to boost your job or personal brand, it’s gonna change you from a humble, picture-making caterpillar to a giant, fire-breathing butterfly of picture management and gorgeousity.

How to use Collections


Let’s say you’re creating assets for your brand. In Hub, you can lash together your logo, brand color palette, email header image, etc., in a collection you might call “Brand Assets.” Maybe you’ve been traveling the globe and want to remember where each of your photos was taken. You can organize your vacation shots by location and never wonder where that mouth-watering photo of meat on a stick hailed from. And like every image you’ve stashed in Hub, Collections images can be edited after saving.

Where to find Collections

To get to Collections, first you need to get to Hub (be sure you’re signed in). Hover over Edit, Collage, or Design atop the homepage. Click My Hub. When Hub loads, you’ll see the Collections tab, with the Supremium crown icon, above the gallery. Click it, then click Get Supremium when you’re ready to experience the full glory of Supremium. Here’s how you’ll get around once you do:

How to make a new collection

There are three easy-peasy-parcheesi ways to make a new collection.

1. Make a collection from the Collections tab in Hub


Click the Collections tab in Hub. You’ll see a monkey illustration with an Add images button. Click the button and select images you want to add, from Images or Collages in Hub. Boom! Give it a name.

2. Make a collection from images or collages you already have in your Hub

2-new-from-image-screen-in-hub-1You can also make a new collection by clicking Manage Hub in the upper right corner of your Hub view in either the Images or Collages tab. Select your images, then click the Collections button (the icon that looks like two pieces of paper in a box), and do your thang naming it.

3. Make a new collection from the Editor or Collage

1-new-from-editor-2When you finish making a collage, creating a design, or editing a photo, click Add to Hub in the top toolbar, just like you’ve always done. When you’re titling your masterpiece, click the Collections button next to the title. Give that sweet thing a name.

Adding images to an existing collection

Since we’re all about options, there are also a few different ways that you can add an image to an existing collection.

1. Add an image to an existing collection from Manage Hub


From the Images or Collages tab in Hub, click Manage Hub (in the upper right corner). Now click the images and/or collages that you want, then click the Collections button at the bottom. Choose the name of the collection you want, then click Add.


2. Add an image to an existing collection from the Editor or Collage


If you’re working on an image in the Editor or Collage, click the Collections icon after you’ve given it a name. Then choose the Collection you want.

3. Add an image to an existing collection from the Collections tab

From the Collections tab, click the collection you want to add images and/or collages to.


When your collection opens and you can see all the pretty things in it, click the little blue Add images button on the right and select the images and/or collages you want. Click Add.

4. Add images from your computer to an existing collection

If your images aren’t in Hub yet, you can still include them in a collection.


Open your collection, select the image on your computer, then drop it like it’s—well, you know. Not cold.

Note that an image can appear in as many collections as you like. And when you open an image and re-edit it, it’ll automatically update in every collection that it’s included in.

Removing images from collections

If you want to take an image out of a collection, open the collection. Click the gear icon near the upper right corner. Click the image, then click the trashcan icon below your images. The image will still live in your Hub in either Images or Collages, but it won’t be part of your collection party anymore.

Deleting collections


To remove an entire collection, hover over the collection you want to remove (don’t click it!) and then click the trashcan icon that appears in the upper right corner of the collection thumbnail. The collection will disappear, but your images will still be in Hub under Images or Collages.

Using Collections with the PicMonkey mobile app

You can also use Collections with the PicMonkey mobile app on your phone or iPad. Make sure you’re signed into your Supremium account, then tap Hub (the monkey icon) when the app opens. The images that you’ve saved to Hub will appear, and you’ll see Collections next to Images at the top. Tap Collections to see a list of collections you’ve already created.
You can also add images to collections, move them to different collections, remove them from collections, and create or remove entire collections through the mobile app.

This organizational goodness (and unlimited Hub storage!) is alllll yours when you get Supremium.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world.