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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated in our Pin Your Love contest on Pinterest. We’re pleased to announce that Kellie@Southernsashay takes the grand prize of a $300 Amazon gift card and a free year of PicMonkey. We were super overwhelmed (but also thrilled!) by all the gorgeous boards, it was hard to narrow down a winner. So, we wanna honorarily mention @klhfernandez, who gets a free year of PicMonkey for her awesome board. Woohoo!

Kellie is a new blogger, doing it for fun because she truly enjoys people. She’s also a mother of two middle-schoolers, the wife to a west-coaster, and a native of Witchita Falls, Texas.

Her work on Pinterest and her blog led Kellie to PicMonkey, humble provider of all the tools to create and edit awesome photos.

This was our first Pinterest contest, and we’re hungry to learn more. Let us know what you’d like to see from PicMonkey’s Pinterest in the future!

Listen up, all you PicMonkeyers, you enthusiasts, you lovers of all things wonderful! PicMonkey’s having a Pinterest contest. From 1/26 to 02/14, it’s all about lettin’ out a hearty WOOHOO to stuff you love, pure and simple.

Spread the love with a folder of the things that make your heart feel like it put on flannel pajamas and climbed into a warm bed on a cold winter night. The winner gets 300 Amazon bucks plus a free year of PicMonkey.

It works like this:

  1. You gotta follow PicMonkey on Pinterest

  2. Create board titled: PicMonkey Pin Your Love

  3. Comment on the contest pin with a link to your Pin Your Love board (so we can find you!)

  4. To be eligible to win, at least one pin must be made with PicMonkey

  5. There’s no minimum number of pins, but please: go nuts!

  6. Hashtag all those beauts #pinyourlove and #picmonkey

Who wins?One winner will be chosen based on originality, creativity, and rule-following skills. Everyone is welcome to participate, but prize eligibility is limited to the USA. (Sorry, international friends, but adhering to every country’s rules around contests and prizes would be impossible for a company our size).

Cool cool, but how do you win?The winner will be chosen by an independent panel. The boards will be judged on the following factors:

  • 50% creativity and curation

  • 20% Use of PicMonkey app

  • 30% variety of pins

How amazing are the prizes?

Pretty amazing: a $300 Amazon gift card, plus a free year of PicMonkey.

Contest Submission Agreement

PicMonkey employees are not eligible to win.

Submit your entries here. Happy Pinning!

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