How to Edit a Photo After Saving It

How to Edit a Photo After Saving It
February 1, 2017 Tanya Friedland

Hub is a pretty magical place; all your pics and projects are hanging out in there right now sipping strawberry lemonade and lounging on the backs of unicorns while wood nymphs play the harp. But did you know that Hub’s most magical feature of all is that you can keep editing your pics after you’ve saved them in Hub? Seriously.

Here’s how you do it:

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  • When you’re ready to save your image/design/collage, click Save in the top toolbar.
  • Give it a name.
  • Click Save.
  • Now it’s safely stored in Hub!

When you’re ready to resume your editing, just open Hub back up (it’s listed as a storage option whenever you go to open a new image), click your pic, then click Edit.edit after saving, re-edit your photo, picmonkey, hub, design

Ta-da! You’ll be able to continue editing your graphics and text elements.

Likely re-editing scenarios

If you’re curious how this feat of prestidigitation will help your life, here are some ways that folks like you have used Hub to edit after saving:

  • To fix a previously unnoticed typo without having to restart the design from scratch.
  • To rethink your creative choices, because on second thought, that graphic would look better if it was red.
  • To pause what you’re doing without worrying about losing your work.
  • To store templates and business assets and reuse them forever. (Psst! When you add the same project to Hub a second time, you can click Make a copy if you wanna save your original. Template City, here you come!)

Keep in mind that any effects and textures that you might have applied to the background of your photo will be flattened and you won’t be able to edit them even after you’ve opened them from Hub.


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Tanya Friedland
Tanya is a copywriter at PicMonkey, a company that has greatly improved her life by allowing her to Zombify her friends and Santa-ify her enemies. A native Seattleite, she dreams of one day being a contestant on The Price Is Right.