Sweethearts, You’re My Valentine! Make a Heart-Shaped Crop

Sweethearts, You’re My Valentine! Make a Heart-Shaped Crop
January 24, 2018 PicMonkey

If you’re like us, you’ve been swooning over the Sweethearts theme for awhile now. Keep the spark alive by with its sigh-worthy photo effects and lovable fonts, then finish it off in a heart-shaped crop! In this post, we walk you through how to enhance the loveliness of your photos with a Heart Cutouts frame. Mwah!

1. Open your lovely pic in the Editor

heart shaped crop

Pick the pic you’re pining over and open it in the PicMonkey Editor, by hovering over Edit on the PicMonkey homepage, and selecting the storage option where your photo lives.

2. Open the Sweethearts theme

heart shaped crop

Head the the Themes tab. It’s the second tab from the bottom, and the icon changes seasonally. Once you’re in Sweethearts, you’ll find effects, fonts, graphics, and of course, the Heart Cutouts frame—everything you need to create a stunning valentine.

3. Apply your heart-shaped crop

heart shaped crop

Click the Heart Cutouts frame and a heart will automatically be applied to your image. Click the plus sign and drag it into place and use the Size and Angle sliders to change it’s size and orientation. You can also choose between any of our themed swatches, or add a solid color, or a transparent background. Click Apply and boom! Ya did it.

Bonus! Add your pic to a template

heart shaped crop

Psst.. I’m a template! Click me to edit.

If you want a design that’s made with the heart shape ready-to-roll, check out our valentine design templates. They’re an elegant (and easy!) way to say “I love you.”


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