Give Your Social Media a Holiday Makeover

Whether you lean Scrooge or Santa, winter is a great time to change up your social look. Festive lights, hockey sticks, reindeer, evergreens, snowflakes — there are tons of ways to get your winter on and show your followers some holiday spirit.

PicMonkey’s got all kinds of Christmas/holiday/polar/cocoa things to choose from, like templates, graphics, and stock photos. 

Santify your Instagram posts and stories with festive templates and jolly graphics

Let’s start with the basics — the big man in red. Simple, iconic. Basically the little black dress, but red with a white belt. And furry boots. And a beard. But pretty much the same. 

Drop a Santa graphic into an Instagram post, or put a Santa hat on your headshot. It takes seconds and looks like a million bucks. Or spend a little more time tweaking one of our templates like in the image above — swapped the original for our Shaggy Beard graphic and then applied a foil texture for a traditional look that diverges from the conventional red and green.

We’ve got some snowy Instagram and Facebook Story templates, too. Pre-sized and ready to go. And don’t be shy about changing them up a bit with our cool effects.

Take a look at our Snow Seekers and 24 Inches of Snow Facebook Story templates.

Quick steps for making a social media design with a template:

  1. Open a template in the PicMonkey editor.

  2. Customize with your own images and words. 

  3. Winterfy with holiday graphics, textures, and effects.

  4. Share to social media!

Tip: Some social media channels allow you to post a temporary banner or profile picture, which means you can set an expiration date on your themed designs so they’ll disappear after the holiday’s over.

Make pins happen with holiday Pinterest templates

Got some recipes or holiday vacation tips you want to share? Pinterest is the place to make that happen. You know who’s got templates for that? Of course you do! So grab one of our templates and start pinning and grinning. Templates are totally customizable, so you can sub in your own images and text, and even change the colors to match your brand.

Yuletide YouTube channel art ideas for Christmas

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so staying visible up there is a darn good idea. Covers, ads, icons, banners, thumbnails — there are a ton of places on the platform where you can make seasonal updates, and we’ve got templates for all of them. 

Put some frost on your Facebook feed

2.6 billion people are on Facebook. Holy Santa Claus! Get your message in front of them by creating a new carousel ad or changing up your cover. We made the one above from a business-y Facebook cover photo template that had the layout we wanted. We just substituted our snowy pics for the stock photos — instant winter wonderland. Want to get some good tips for taking your own holiday pics? Take a look at these for some instruction and inspiration. 

Facebook is made for holiday photos, so drop one into one of our templates, and then head over to the Themes tab. Themes are curated collections of graphics, fonts, and effects chosen to present a particular aesthetic. Open up Winterland and add some seasonality to your pic. Apply the Frost effect to get some chilly sparkles in the corner, add a wreath around your logo, find your inner snowperson with some coal and carrots — you’ll feel chilly even if you live in Phoenix.

Happy holidays!

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Kevin Rexroat

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