Recent Site Improvements: See What's Different

If you’ve noticed that the PicMonkey environment looks a little different lately, that’s cuz we’re sprucing up the joint! Based on your feedback and requests for more design space to work in, we’re making improvements to the site layout and functionality over the next few weeks — and we think you’re gonna dig them. As we roll out the changes, we are committed to keeping you informed and educated about what's different and why it's better. 

As the updates are implemented, you can bet you’ll find more info right here. As always, if you have any questions please contact our knowledgeable support team for additional assistance. 

Monday, May 11: Hub is now your homepage

What’s different?

Hub, your cloud-based storage system in PicMonkey, is not a separate destination anymore. Now when you sign in to PicMonkey, your Hub and your Homepage are one and the same. Easier, right?

Why the change? 

So you can jump right into your projects after signing in. 

Let's walk through the new stuff

Check out each numbered section below to learn what is new and improved in the corresponding area of your new PicMonkey homepage.

1. The Home icon

The Home icon is new to the top of the Hub menu. Click it whenever you are in your Brand Kit or in a folder to get back to the main Hub/Homepage. You’ll notice that the “Recents” folder is gone. All your recent projects are in the Unsorted folder, or accessible from the top row — “Auto-saved to my Hub”.

2. Brand Kit

The Brand Kit icon lives at the top of the Hub menu for easy access. When you are in Brand Kit, click the Home icon to return to your main Hub homepage.

3. Your Hub Folders

These are still your private folders, viewable for your eyes only. It’s easier to make a new private folder now — just click the “+” sign.

4. Shared Hub Folders

These are your shareable spaces, same as before. You can now collapse the Shared Folders section of the menu by clicking the “^” carat. So space saving!

5. HUB on the top navigation bar

The Hub link on the top navigation still functions as before, but head’s up! With the improvements we’re making, you won’t need this navigation bar anymore, so it’ll be going away to make more space for designing. We will keep you posted.

6. Scroll arrows to view recent projects

Your recents will always be in this top row on your homepage. Click the ”<” and “>” arrows to scroll through your recent projects.

Notification bell tells you what’s new

We replaced that huge right panel announcing new features with a trim little notification bell. 

When we have something new to tell you, you’ll see an orange dot and you should definitely click it to find out what’s up! 

  • We’ll let you know about new features and link you to tutorials on how to use them. 

  • We’ll announce when we’ve made improvements to the site and link you to this page with further explanation. 

  • And comments left on your shared files will still live here, too.

We’re always striving to serve our customers while adding powerful features to continually increase the value of your subscription. We welcome your feedback, so let us know what you think by clicking that little smiley face icon in the upper right corner next to the bell. Thanks for being a valued PicMonkeyer!

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Sarah Gonzales is the content marketing manager at PicMonkey. Over time she’s evolved from a cat to a dog person, a Diet Coke to a La Croix person, and a heels to a flats person. However, she will forever remain loyal to the LA Dodgers, coffee, and Mac products. She’s still deciding if she’s a city or a country person having sampled both after living in Alaska, Los Angeles, San Francisco, (Alaska again), and now Seattle.