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Open file drawer graphic.

How to Organize Photos: Naming, Storing, and Unmess-ifying Your Digital Library

Whip your image library into shape in just five steps. We've got the naming and organization info yo...
PicMonkey scrapbook-style design made with stock photo of woman in orange shirt with hands folded in front of her.

How to Use PicMonkey’s Stock Photos & Videos

Learn how to use a free PicMonkey stock photo or video for your next design.
Before and after of an edited seaside city photo.

Photo Editing for Beginners

Learn about basic photo editing techniques and PicMonkey features.

5 Tips for a Natural-looking Photo Touch Up

Learn how to retouch a photo with PicMonkey's touch up effects.
make a design like a pro no skills required

How to Make a Design Without Graphic Design Skills

Create social media pics, banners, cover art, and more with PicMonkey. No design degree required.
Cool photo editing hacks

Cool Photo Editing Tips Nobody Knows

We’ve got some hidden gems to tell you about: cool photo editing tips and tricks to make you better,...
How to add text to photos

Add Text to Pictures with Fresh Fonts from PicMonkey

Learn all about how to add text to pictures and get a sneak preview into the hundreds of fonts avail...
Images made from the template sets "Abstract Botanical" and "Classique"

Template Sets for Easy Branding and Design

Template sets make getting a unified look across all your branded visuals a snap.

Use Design Templates to Jumpstart Your Projects

Our templates make it easy to create everything from invitations to stuff for your biz in a snap—no ...

How to Brand Your Business for Success

Marketing guru Cynthia Johnson shares her expert advice on how to build a powerful brand for your bu...

Hub 101: Intro to Hub Storage and More

Hub storage from PicMonkey helps you organize, autosave, and share your projects and touched-up phot...

How to Use Graphics

Create amazing designs with masks, blend modes, layers, and more.
How to use PicMonkey: Manipulate light effects, color, exposure, and more on the Edit tab.

Tutorial: How to Use PicMonkey

Make cool things now with New PicMonkey's tools, templates, and text.

Say Hello to the All-New PicMonkey

New PicMonkey is all about giving you more power, speed, and flexibility.

Use Alignment Grids to Get Your Designs On Point

Learn how to use our alignment grids to perfectly place your design elements.