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Learn more about the new features added to PicMonkey. Each of these articles will introduce you to a new feature, asset, or function in PicMonkey and show you how to use it. Want even more tutorials and tips for making standout designs? Swing by the Resource Center to brush up your skills or simply to find inspiration for your next project.

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Photo of woman with background partially removed using PicMonkey's Background Eraser tool.

Instant Photo Background Eraser

Remove a photo background with one click using PicMonkey's instant photo Background Eraser tool.
Background remover before and after photograph of smiling woman in a blue suit.

Automatic Background Remover, Plus Design Inspo!

Learn how to remove photo backgrounds in just one click with this PicMonkey tutorial.
Various mobile design templates available in the PicMonkey mobile app.

What’s New: PicMonkey Mobile App for iOS

Come check out all the new stuff in the PicMonkey mobile app for iOS!
PicMonkey scrapbook-style design made with stock photo of woman in orange shirt with hands folded in front of her.

How to Use PicMonkey’s Stock Photos & Videos

Learn how to use a free PicMonkey stock photo or video for your next design.
Orange background with PicMonkey and Shutterstock branding, announcing that PicMonkey has joined the Shutterstock family.

What's New: PicMonkey Mobile App for Android

We're back! Check out the new features in the PicMonkey mobile app for Android!
PicMonkey's background remover app for iOS and android.

Background Remover on the PicMonkey App

Use PicMonkey's background remover app to instantly erase the background of your photo with one clic...
Get inspired to make gradient drop shadows, gradient fill, and gradient backgrounds with icMonkey's fabulous gradient tool

Add Color Gradients to Your Designs for an On-Trend Look

See inspiring examples of color gradients in designs and get tips on DIY-ing your own.
How to animate a picture or text or graphic with easy one-click animation.

How to Animate a Picture, Text, or Graphic

Learn how to animate a picture, text, or sticker with this 5-step tutorial.
Changes to PicMonkey's layout explained

Recent Site Improvements: See What's Different

Notice some changes around here? See what's new and improved at PicMonkey.
Smiling woman in pink turtleneck with glitter shadow effect applied to background.

Electrify Your Designs with the Glitch Effect and Other Trendy Looks

See the trendiest of the trendiest effects that PicMonkey has to offer and learn how to capture thes...
Use slideshow maker tools to create video and photo slideshows

Use the Slideshow Maker to Create Photo or Video Presentations

See how to create a slideshow using photos, video, or both!
PicMonkey's Smart Resize tool outputs images in multiple sizes

Use Smart Resize to Output Your Image to Multiple Sizes Supafast

Learn how to use Smart Resize to instantly output an image to multiple sizes without stretching or s...
PicMonkey's animation effects for turning images into GIFs.

How to Make a GIF

You can make a GIF four ways, with PicMonkey — learn the steps and see all the ways you can use 'em.
outline sketch tool for graphic design

Behind the Design: Get the Trendy Outline Sketch Look

Learn how to use the Outline tool to create trendy sketchy looks.
Draw on a photo with PicMonkey's drawing tools

How to Draw on a Photo Tutorial

Learn how to use PicMonkey's draw tool features.