All the PicMonkey Tutorials!

Welcome to PicMonkey’s tutorials, grasshopper! Here, we will train you in the ancient arts of image editing. Quickly master the basics like sizing and cropping, or upgrade your skills with advanced techniques like masking or cloning. Follow along in the editor and you’ll be creating pro-looking images in no time.

Use Design Templates to Jumpstart Your Projects

Our templates make it easy to create everything from invitations to stuff for your biz in a snap—no ...

How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You Noticed

Once you learn how to write a cover letter, you'll be one step closer to landing your dream job.

Learn How to Make a Logo With PicMonkey

Create a great-looking, effective logo for your brand or business in PicMonkey in just a few quick s...
make a business card with simple graphics

Design Outstanding Business Cards With PicMonkey Graphics

Diving into how to use PicMonkey’s highly customizable, stylish graphics and design templates to cre...

Letter Spacing Brings Out the Best in Your Text

Letter spacing, tracking, and leading can have a huge impact on your design.

Text Effects for Maximum, Fist-Pumping Impact

Make your words shine within any design with PicMonkey's text effects.

Hub 101: Intro to Hub Storage and More

Hub storage from PicMonkey helps you organize, autosave, and share your projects and touched-up phot...

How to Use Graphics

Create amazing designs with masks, blend modes, layers, and more.
How to use PicMonkey: Manipulate light effects, color, exposure, and more on the Edit tab.

Tutorial: How to Use PicMonkey

Make cool things now with New PicMonkey's tools, templates, and text.

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Heartfelt Valentines have never been simpler to make. These adorable cards are a perfect project for...

Make a DIY Halloween Party

Wanna throw a Halloween party your guests will love? PicMonkey's got you covered. All you need is a ...

Streamline Your Social Posting with PicMonkey and Buffer

A social media marketer’s to-do list is never-ending. We asked Jenn Reiner to shed some light on the...

How to Photograph a Total Solar Eclipse

We have every bit of need-to-know solar eclipse info and expert photo-taking tips right over this-a-...

Create a Compelling Email Marketing Strategy with MailChimp

Learn how email marketing can help you engage with customers and jumpstart your business.

Beginner Photo Editing

New to photo editing? This in-depth PicMonkey tutorial will teach you all skills you need to turn yo...