Photo Editing

PicMonkey is the easiest and most powerful online photo editing tool you’ll ever have the fun of using. These articles will help you learn to edit your images like a pro. We’ll walk you through the basics like cropping and resizing, teach you about how to use touch up tools, and show you how to master advanced skills like masking—and we’ll make it fun and easy, swear.

PNG logo file made in PicMonkey and added to coffee cup product.

Make a PNG Transparent for Products & Branding

Use our PNG maker tools to create images with transparent backgrounds.
apply the bokeh affect to your photos for a dreamy look

Use a Bokeh Overlay on Your Photo

Get some eye-poppingly gorgeous bokeh looks after the shutter snaps with these ideas, our tools, and...

Grab Attention With These 4 Focal Effects

The focal effects offers easy like Sunday mornin’ ways to apply effects to a part of your image, ins...
PicMonkey's Color Changer controls atop a photo of a woman two times, side-by-side, one version with green clothes, the other version with orange.

How to Replace Colors without Photoshop

Photoshop isn't the best tool for replacing a photo's colors if you're anything other than a pro des...
Square grid of four professional headshots for LinkedIn.

Look Like a Professional with Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

Learn how to edit and upload a new headshot with these LinkedIn profile picture tips.

Understanding Aspect Ratio in Photography and Design

Learn all about aspect ratios for your designs and photos. Learn how to use an aspect ratio calculat...
Tips for shooting and editing product photos for your ecommerce shop

Product Photography Tips for Online Sellers

How to shoot and edit your product pics before uploading to your online store.
film grain

Film Grain Photos in 4 Steps: Add a Classic Look to Your Pics

Throw back to the days of old when you learn how to add a film grain effect to your photos.
How to Edit Photos for Real Estate

How to Edit Photos for Real Estate

Learn how to make the most of real estate listings with these photo editing tips.
touch up tools for better self portraits profile pictures

How to Use Touch Up

Wanna touch up your selfie portraits like a pro? Try these tips.

5 Tips for a Natural-looking Photo Touch Up

Learn how to retouch a photo with PicMonkey's touch up effects.
How to restore old photos in PicMonkey

Photo Restoration with PicMonkey

Enhance and restore damaged photos with PicMonkey. This video tutorial will teach you how! It's easi...
blur photo background with picmonkey photo editing tools

Blur Your Photo Background with PicMonkey

Get a blurry background on your photo—on purpose! We'll show you how.

Teaching Kids Photo Editing

Photo editing is a valuable tool for self expression and a great boost for school projects. Learn 6 ...
how to add a watermark to a photo on your phone

Watermark Photos (and More!) with the PicMonkey Mobile App

Learn how to add your logo to photos, layer pics on top of each other, and more—all from your phone ...