How to Make a Mirror Image

From the tastefully artsy to the weirdly symmetrical, mirror images are mesmerizing. And it makes sense. People have been captivated by their own reflections since long before Narcissus discovered his. What’s more mesmerizing than your own reflection? We’ll do ya one better: Your reflection, reflected back on itself again and again and again in an infinite pool of distortion. Check out our video to see how to make a  mirror image, or read on below for all the deets.

Horizontal flip

This is especially good for portraits. To mirror the left side of the image, click the Mirror left button. To mirror the right side, click Mirror right. Decide how much of the original image is mirrored by adjusting the Offset slider. Moving the slider all the way to the left will collapse the image in on itself. Moving it all the way to the right will show you how the whole image looks mirrored. Play around with it and find what looks best to you, then click Apply to apply the effect.

Vertical flip

This is gonna look especially good with landscapes, but again, feel free to play around. To reflect the top portion of the image, click the Mirror top button. To reflect the bottom, click Mirror bottom. Adjust the Offset slider until the image it looks right to you and click Apply.

Double mirror

To get an image that’s reflected in quadrants, you want to do one horizontal flip and one vertical flip. Choose from either the Mirror left or Mirror right buttons and adjust your Offset slider until it looks how you like. Click Apply, then reopen the Mirror effect and choose from either the Mirror top or Mirror bottom buttons. Adjust your slider and BOOM! Double mirror magic.


Ready for things to get really crazy? To get a super abstract, super visually engaging look, take that double mirror you made and take turns adding more horizontal and vertical flip by clicking Apply each time.

Tip: Be sure to keep dragging your Offset slider towards the right, otherwise you might not be able to see that the effect is being applied since it already looks symmetrical. By adjusting the slider, you’ll be able to see more of the image and can keep mirroring it beyond infinity times.

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