Getting the Most Out of Your PicMonkey Membership

Getting the Most Out of Your PicMonkey Membership
May 17, 2017 Elisa Chavez

Here at PicMonkey, we’re not life coaches (though believe us, we’ve tried). But we do think there are some things you should get the most out of, like your PicMonkey membership (or free trial). We’re constantly updating our offerings to bring you the latest, greatest, spiffiest, niftiest photo editing and design experience this side of the internet, and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

So today, we’re going to walk you through a few of our very favorite features that make a PicMonkey membership a great life decision. Check ’em out for yourself!

Edit after saving with PicMonkey Hub

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Hub is PicMonkey’s sweet storage platform, and your secret weapon. When you open pics from Hub, you can edit text and graphics that you previously saved. In case you’re missing the potentially earth shattering ramifications of this feature, this will allow you to start and stop editing projects at will, fix typos and misaligned graphics without having to start from scratch, and it’s a great way to build and re-use designs for your monthly community bake sale.

Hub allows you to access all your images, whether you’re online or using the PicMonkey mobile app. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that Hub is keeping all your photos cozy and warm.

Make polished images with templates


We offer an ever-expanding library of beautiful designs that you can fully customize to fit your needs—go ahead, use each and every template in our trove. And because you have Hub, it’s easy to save and reuse your designs. Whether you need an invitation for a wedding or a birthday party, or you’re looking to up your personal brand with some slick business cards, with PicMonkey you get the best of the best.

Easy photo effects you’ll use again and again


Get rid of unwanted image elements with the Clone tool in PicMonkey.

No tour of PicMonkey would be complete without a shoutout to Clone. Yes, Clone can solve stray hairs (and thumbs that have strayed into the edge of your shot), but that’s actually selling it short, because Clone’s fixer-upper powers are practically unlimited. Here’s a quick sampler of what Clone can accomplish:

  • Smooth out noisy backgrounds.
  • Hide scars and stains.
  • Work like Airbrush to soften under-eye bags, laugh lines, and other distracting thingamajigs.
  • Totally get rid of an object in your picture that for whatever reason, you don’t care for. You’re in charge! You can have whims and they don’t have to make sense to other people! Let them eat cake.
  • Give you a dozen mouths.

Because who wouldn’t want a dozen mouths? But seriously, you could probably find a new use for Clone every day of the month—and actually use that use, since Clone’s as easy to learn as it is multipurpose.

Mirror: the Effect
Use the Mirror effect in PicMonkey to create artistic mountain images (and more!).

Once upon a time, PicMonkey had this neat tutorial for making a mirrored image in Collage. And we could’ve been like, “Cool, that’s happily ever after enough,” and ended it right there, but that’s not how we roll. We wanted to make it even easier to create artistic, mirrored images, so we created an entire Mirror effect! Look it up in the Effects tab under Artsy, and marvel at how gorgeous and flexible it is.

Make your own photo effects

Create your own photo effects with PicMonkey, and pretty up all of your mountain photos.

Next time you come up with a killer combo of photo effects, immortalize them in PicMonkey. With one click of Save custom effect (located at the top of the Effects tab), PicMonkey members can save any combination of photo effects to use the next time they sign in.

Tip-top Touch Up tools

Access even more touch up photos (seen here on this young man with a blue cap) when you upgrade to a premium PicMonkey membership.

Not only can you polish your portraits with our touch up tools, but your membership also unlocks the touch up tools in the PicMonkey Mobile app. Get the rundown on these to-go portrait retouching tools in our video tutorial.


Design goodies you’ll adore

Text effects

Design more word/picture combinations with PicMonkey.

We’re proud to offer our PicMonkey members not one, not two, but three premium text effects you can apply to any font, ours or yours. And by “text effects” we mean “DROP SHADOW PARTY.” Use drop shadow every zippity-doo-dah day, you guys. Make up reasons to send people cards so you can outfit the text with drop shadow. Tell your mom you love her with drop shadow! You can’t take it with you, but you can put a sweet drop shadow on it.

(Now we feel bad for Knockout and Inner Shadow. They’re good text effects too. Maybe you should give them a try so they don’t feel like we just called Drop Shadow our favorite kid.)

Not to mention our collection of choice fonts, like the perpetually useful Futura Medium and high-end Channel. As if that wasn’t enough texty goodness for ya, you can also use all of our fonts and text effects with our curved text tool! Your words have never looked so good.

The best flower graphics

A wedding guestbook design made possible by PicMonkey Premium's premium floral graphics.

Flowers aren’t just reminders of our eventual mortality, kids. They’re also some of PicMonkey’s secret graphic powerhouses. Here’s a couple things you can do with our collection of flower graphics:

  • Use Vintage Blossoms to give your projects a dainty, antiquarian feel.
  • Build your own graphic garden with a custom combo of Leafy Stems and Floral graphics.
  • Give graphics a mod flavor with a minimalist color palette and graphics from Bursting Blossoms.

Grunge labels

Get some grungy, grimy cool going with premium graphics from PicMonkey Premium.

You may or may not know that PicMonkey’s based outta Seattle, so it only makes sense that we’d give a nod to our chief export (aside from coffee): grunge. Look no further than Grunge Labels. These graphics are spattery, unpolished, and oozing with cool—try rocking a grunge label on one of these projects:

  • Create a gig poster—whether it’s for your friend’s band, or for a fictional concert by the Weird Sisters from Harry Potter.
  • Add some anti-establishment flair to your Etsy wares by making labels and thank-you cards that feature grunge graphics.
  • Art it up! Add multiple grunge labels to the same image and make ’em partially transparent. Adjust their color, size, blend modes, and fade until you’ve hit big, bold, colorful perfection.

In-cell editing for Collage

In-cell editing for Collage: one of the speediest ways to bring a unified look to your projects.

Sometimes, we like to razzle and dazzle with photo-editing pyrotechnics and feats of design derring-do. But we love style and substance, so we get just as jazzed about those solid, reliable features that quietly workhorse their way into your heart. The ones that make your life that much easier and your projects that much better.

Enter in-cell Collage editing. With a pared-down list of effects and streamlined basic edits, in-cell Collage editing may seem like it’s no big. But it’s actually a huge big, because it makes it way easier to give every image in your collage a unified look. Not to mention, if you wanna go to town and unleash the full power of the Editor, you can send an individual image to the Editor for a makeover, then bop back to Collage without losing your progress.

A front-row seat to the next big thing

Last but not least: we’re always adding new features to and our mobile app. So if you’re a PicMonkey member, you’ve got front-row seat to whatever new and shiny awesomeness we have cookin’.

So tallyho, and make images that delight all the eyeballs. And if you’ve got a favorite PicMonkey feature we didn’t mention here, drop us a line and let us know!


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Elisa Chavez
Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.