Business Graphics

PicMonkey’s library of business graphics accentuate your visuals and are perfect for presentations, websites, and marketing materials.

Symbols for everything

Take your creative presentations and digital assets to the next level with symbols for emailsmartphonescurrencypayment optionsgraphsflowchartsmarketingand e-commerce.

For all types of business

What type of work are you in? Office professional, fashion, beauty, food & beverage,  outdoorsfitnessreal estatesocial good—we’ve got graphics for that.

How to use business graphics in a design

Choose an image

Start with a blank canvas, your photo or a stock photo.

Add graphics

Browse 1000s of graphics, choose a winner or ten.

Size it right

Our vector-based graphics look good at any size.


Change colors, add a shadow, use grids to snap in place.

Social media icons

Spice up your brand’s social media presence with graphic symbols like logos for LinkedInFacebookInstagram, plus—Highlights covers, and story stickers.

Why PicMonkey

Easy learning curve

Our users love PicMonkey’s ease of use because they can start a project and get pro-looking results fast.

Huge feature set

Sure, we’ve got mad graphics, but we also have 1000s of templates, powerful editing tools, stock photos, and effects.

A lot for so little

A subscription includes cloud storage for all your projects, plus simultaneous co-editing and commenting.

The PicMonkey Mobile App for design on the go

Start your design on your laptop, run to a meeting, take a call, finish up your work on your phone using our Mobile App, post directly to social, or share with your colleagues. Whew! We know you’re busy, that’s why we’re at your service 24/7.

More ideas for creating with graphics

Design your logo with graphics

Make a new logo, or refresh your old one. See ideas & a tutorial.

Create a custom business card

Our graphics can help you make stand-out, custom business cards.

Use graphics on your videos

Hey YouTubers! Let us show you how easy it is to add graphics to your vids.

Let your marketing and branding soar with a PicMonkey subscription