Design Collaboration Tool

design collaboration tool work together and share files

PicMonkey’s new design collaboration tools help you make designs more efficiently and creatively:

Co-edit and design in real time ∙ Organize projects in Shared Spaces ∙ Comment directly on files

design collaboration tool work together and share files

Tools for collaboration to help you

Make better designs

Incorporate everyone’s talents and ideas, while learning from one another as you design.

Boost your productivity

Say adios to uploading, downloading, and emailing: Design and distribute in one place.

Work how you wanna work

Create collaborative groups with others — even people who aren’t PicMonkey subscribers.

use the design collaborate tools at picmonkey to design together

Real-time collaboration tool

Design together with your team, and experience the efficient magic of our design collaboration tool. See others make changes in real time. No need for multiple versions.

use the design collaborate tools at picmonkey to design together


Give feedback about a design by commenting directly on the file—place comments over the area you want to discuss. Get notifications about others’ comments.

Shared Spaces

Invite your team to a Shared Space where you keep all your projects. Set view/copy/contribute status for each team member. Add new people via shareable link.

How to create a Shared Space with PicMonkey's design collaboration tyool


In Hub on your desktop create a Shared Space.


Upload and organize images into folders in your space.


Invite others via email or link to join your projects.


Design together & leave comments on files

Why PicMonkey?

So much for so little It’s the best deal going, with 1000s of graphics, 1000s of sized-right templates, plus filters and fonts galore. 

Everything in one place Store your designs where you create them. Access and edit from the desktop or our mobile app.

Ideas & inspiration included Check out our library of articles full of tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you in your design journey.

Take a deep dive into our design collaboration tool

design collaboration tools let you work together
How to use PicMonkey’s collaboration tools

A step-by-step tutorial that will have you collaborating in no time.

see how picmonkey uses our design collaboration tools
PicMonkey teams heart collaboration

Check out the collaboration tool in action with our social media team!

use design collaboration tools to streamline your business' workflow
What collaboration tools can do for your biz

Learn how businesses can use the design collaboration tools to level up their output.