Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate all the moms in your life. Maybe you’re a mother yourself, know an expecting mom, or have a woman in your life who’s always in your corner. Honor those special women with creative Mother’s Day cards you made in PicMonkey. Before we begin, you’ll wanna start with a new canvas.

Polaroids and kisses for a co-mom

Not the sappy type? Find a photo with quirky expressions, a goofy background, or anything that immediately makes you smile.

Tips: Aim for a Mother’s Day card template, around 6” x 4” (a.k.a. 1800 x 1200 pixels for a printable Mother’s Day card). To create the look of a handwritten note, use a font like La Belle Aurore. And for a more vintage feel, use Polaroid Frame and the Papyrus texture. Add more punch and personality by duplicating the image and adding tape from the Scrapbooky graphics group. And of course, the whole shebang is sealed with a kiss.

Remember, you can create your own unique look just by layering multiple effects.

Floral graphic for a virtual mom

It can be hard to express your appreciation for a great maternal figure, whether she’s a stepmom, mentor, or family member. Placing the focus on a simple sentiment can let them know just how much they mean to you.

Tips: A solid background canvas color and a few illustrations can lend a lotta impact to words that come from the heart. Mixing font styles adds visual interest to the card (we used the swirling Thirsty Script Bold and Rokkit, a slab serif font). Add a few Bursting Blossoms graphics and adjust the opacity on each one to make your text pop.

Bokeh and brightness for an expecting mom

Let the mom-to-be in your life know that she’s got your vote of confidence as she enters motherhood.

Tips: Play with the temperature and drop the opacity to give your image a warm, glowing feel. Using PicMonkey’s Bokeh texture, add some soft orbs of light. Finish off your card with a simple frame and an even simpler handwritten font (this is Amatic Small Caps). Play around with negative space to fill out the card appropriately.

Words of advice

  1. Don’t be afraid of exploring unfamiliar territory. You could end up with a beautiful mistake.

  2. Note the features you’ve used so you can recreate it in another window. There are so many options in PicMonkey that you might forget which ones you used. Embrace trial and error and you’ll find the right balance to complement your style and your message.

  3. Eat your vegetables and clean your room.

Happy Mother’s Day from PicMonkey!

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