Halloween Photo Effects: Freak Your Phreak

There are two types of people in the world: the ones that like their Halloween delightful and the ones that like it dreaddddful. At PicMonkey we’ve got your boo and your bwah-ah-ah needs covered. And if you can’t decide which type you are, just start editing a photo and let the clicks reveal the clicker! Here’s a whirlwind tour of all the Halloween effects and projects that await you.

Turn some heads with eerie transformations

Transform your profile pic into a witch, zombie, vampire, or demon with spine-tingling effects and graphics. Go gorey, with blood effects, gashes, and bruises. Or say no to messy and yes to dastardly with horns, fangs, veins, and crazy-realistic eye graphics. Haunted by hesitation? Pro tip: Look for the Quick Tips in many of the Halloween effects. Click the lightbulb to the right of the effect name (once you’ve opened the effect) and glean all the secrets to getting it right.

Get the word out with invitations and printables

Why settle for stickers and templates that everyone else is using? Make uncanny invitations using our Design tool (choose the 5 x 7 canvas size) and throw down all the graphics, horror fonts, and Halloween effects you dare. And if you’re serving up dranks or edibles, why not jiggle them into hand-crafted packages with fun custom labels? Help for the overwhelmed: We’ve got execrable examples to lead you astray.

Make a scene scary

Take an ordinary photo and make it into a Halloween scene. Festoon the facade with cobwebs. Drop a tombstone where it’s least expected. Bestow a few bats or rats or ravens. Glow it up with a fat-faced pumpkin, carved and dangerous. Texture alert: Did you know that some of our textures are scene-stealers? In the picture above, the Night Frights texture furnishes the entire graveyard background. Just add bats, branches and the moon, and you’ve got it made in the shade.

Carve a pumpkin with perfect stencils

No window is ready for Halloween until a pumpkin’s glaring out at passersby, with a cool design carved in its side. Get the scoop:  Learn how to carve a pumpkin, and use our ready-to-glow pumpkin stencils for easy perfection.

Halloween swatches for collages and graphics

When you’re ready to collect together a bunch of Halloween pics for, say, a Facebook cover or an email to friends, you know it’s time to tap your best friend, Collage, to make it boo-tiful. Our Halloween swatch folder’s got a special set of patterns to adorn collage cells, cards, and crafts.

Make a quick Halloween graphic background: Click the Collage button on the homepage, and click the sample photos to load it with. Hover your mouse over the upper right corner of a cell until you see the “x.” Click it to erase that cell. Continue to erase all the other cells except one. Now you have a one cell collage! Click the swatches icon, and choose the Halloween swatch set from the list box at the top. Drag the swatch you like most to the cell. Then click Edit in the top toolbar to bring it into the Editor for text and graphics.

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