Halloween Photo Effects Tutorial: Make Dramatic Eyes

When it comes to easy Halloween photo effects, altering the eye of your subject gives you a major bang for your creepy buck. Here are expert tips from PicMonkey designer Jen Shetterly, on how to get realistic but dramatic looks from all the eye graphics.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment,” says Jen. “Try all different types of eye graphics, and mix and match from different themes.” Zombie eye on a Vampire: heckyeah! And color outside the lines. Your iris – especially black ones or unnaturally light ones – look great filling the entire space between the lids.

Jen suggests you also look beyond the iris. Use Zombie Bruise to tint the whites of the eye, or add Veins (from the Vampire theme) to show an otherworldly or bloodshot look.

Great tips like this can be found throughout all our Halloween photo effects – just look for the light bulb icon. Here are step by step instructions for perfectly placing iris graphics like Evil Eye, Hag Eye, Demonic Eye, and Corpse Eye.

Step 1: Zoom in on the eyes in your photo. After placing Evil Eye, use the resize handles to match the iris size in the photo. Right-click and Duplicate to make a matching second eye for your soul-piercing glare. Tip: Your Evil Eyes may need to be rotated a bit, especially if the pupil is a vertical cat-like one.

Step 2: Use Eraser to erase parts of the eye that should be overlapped by the eyelid. Reduce Eraser hardness to get softer edges.

Step 3: Adjust the Exposure slider to give your eyes a supernatural glow or darken them in a shroud of mystery. Tip: Use “Veins” to create bloodshot, prey-seeking eyes.

Browse around our haunted house of Halloween photo effects and see what floats your ghost.

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