Zombify yourself, or worse

Make a zombie face, vampire face, witch, or demon, with PicMonkey’s insanely powerful Halloween photo editor.

Zombify yourself


Give us your fire, your gore, your darkest photos yearning to be creepy! Try Picmonkey’s zombie photo effects for free.

Walking dead photo editor

Use our Halloween photo effects and tools to turn ordinary pictures into ghoulish, monstrous masterpieces, and have more fun than mere humans should be allowed.

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Easy zombie tutorials

Need a little help? Start with our recipe for the perfect zombie and get a dead-eyed stare, ashen skin tone, bruises, rotted teeth quicker than you can say, “Braaaains …”

Try a tutorial >

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Zombified pics in minutes

Get all the gory details with a ridiculous trove of decaying, bloody effects. Spill and splatter your way to victory over the living, undead friend!

Get your zombie on >

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Corpse eye color

Choose from four fiendish shades, and achieve perfectly rancid corpse eye color with sliders that let you adjust their glassy gleam.

Jeepers creepers >

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Quick tips for Halloweenifying pics

Many of PicMonkey’s Halloween effects have Quick Tips to help you get the most out of ’em. Open an effect and look for the light bulb icon to the right of the name.

Peep a Quick Tip >

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Gashes & Slashes

Our zombie slashes and gashes will complete your undead ensemble. Partially erase them from clothes and hair for a realistic look.

Ready for my closeup Mr. Romero >

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Create horror, your way

Is monstrosity a dish best served real, or cartoonishly goofy? With infinite customization options for skin, eyes, and teeth, you decide!

Make your own monster face >

How to zombify yourself

Ready for a monster makeover? If you don’t mind cruddy skin and a slack jaw, making your photo into a zombie might be right up your alley. Your dark, moonlit alley. With you in torn jeans and a ripped shirt. Here’s a short tutorial to zombify yourself quickly; the night awaits!