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Use a symbol to represent your ideas graphically in presentations, on your website, or in your social media posts. Choose from 1000s of our vector graphics.

Icon graphics hero

Mega-versatile vector graphics


PicMonkey’s graphics go above and beyond because they are incredibly customizable, so you can be sure to get exactly the look you want.


Our graphics are vector-based so you can expand or shrink and not lose any resolution.


Easily change the hue of any color in the graphic, or make sections transparent.


Apply textures to a graphic, stack graphics on top of each other, or add a drop shadow.

business icons

Icons for business

Take your creative presentations and digital assets to the next level with icons for emailsmartphonescurrency symbolspayment optionsgraphsflowchartsmarketing, and e-commerce.

business icons

Social Media symbols

Liven up your social media presence with graphic symbols like logos for LinkedInFacebookInstagram, plus—Highlights covers, and story stickers.

Social Media symbols
Social Media symbols

How to create a logo with graphics

  1. Click "Create new" and make a blank canvas. Choose a background color.

  2. Click the Graphics tab and choose a graphic (or two!) from our library.

  3. Customize by changing colors, adding a shadow, or partially erasing.

  4. Export your logo-ified designs and look pro as heck.

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Create a watermark
Create a watermark

Claim your pics by creating a custom watermark for all your photos. We’ll show you how in 4 easy steps.

Make a circle logo

Circle logos are so well-rounded. They go great on all your business assets, from cards to websites and beyond.

Why PicMonkey

Minimal learning curve

Our users say they love PicMonkey’s ease of use because they can jump right into a project and get pro-looking results fast.

Extensive feature set

Sure, we’ve got mad graphics, but we also have 1000s of templates, powerful editing tools, stock photos, effects, and more!

So much for so little

A subscription includes cloud storage for all your projects, plus simultaneous co-editing and commenting.

Ready for more graphics projects

Create graphics for video
Create graphics for video

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to make and put graphics on your videos. Don’t you look pro!

DIY Infographics
DIY Infographics

Just say no to boring data presentations by adding some graphics to those stats! Here’s all the info you need.

Make Insta Highlight Covers
Make Insta Highlight Covers

Our icons and symbols are perfect for creating Highlights Covers for the ‘gram. This article will show you how.

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