Create Branded Marketing Materials with PicMonkey

PicMonkey is your BFF (business friend forever) when it comes to making stunning branded marketing materials that stop people in their tracks. With PicMonkey’s photo editing tools you can make your images shine, and use our customizable design templatesgraphics, and stock photos to create a whole library of assets such as ads, logos, business cards, mood boards, and more. These articles will help bring your branding and marketing efforts to the next level with tutorials, ideas, and inspiration.

create an ad in picmonkey

Create Your Own Advertisement: 5 Formats

Learn how to make ads that move the masses.
make a custom zoom background at picmonkey

How to Make Your Own Zoom Background

Create your own custom Zoom background for video conferencing calls.
Create Pinterest pins that get attention

Creating Pinterest Images that Move the Masses

Tips for creating scroll-stopping Pinterest images, fast.
make professional business cards in picmonkey

How to Make Professional Business Cards

Business cards don't have to be boring—put a lil' personality into yours by DIYing it. We've got all...
how to make a great pinterest business presence

3 Ways to Ace Your Pinterest Business Page

Pinterest has three stellar features and tools to help you take your Pinterest business page to new ...
how to market your small business

Marketing a Small Business: a Resource Roundup

A friend to hardworking entrepreneurs everywhere, PicMonkey's rounded up some seriously helpful reso...
design promotional advertisements

How to Design Promotional Advertisements

Learn how to design promotional advertisements to spread the word about your business online. We've ...
Shopify-COVER copy

How to Sell on Shopify and Build a Thriving Ecommerce Business

For businesses large and small, Shopify offers a powerful, easy-to-use ecommerce solution.
Images made from the template sets "Abstract Botanical" and "Classique"

Template Sets for Easy Branding and Design

Template sets make getting a unified look across all your branded visuals a snap.
Cover image for V-Day business article

Create Valentine’s Day Ads and Posts with PicMonkey Templates

Our Valentine's Day ad templates are just what you need to highlight your romance-related goods on t...

Meet the Winners of the #Shero Contest!

Meet the inspiring winners of the Shero contest!

Boost Your Email Marketing with Email and Newsletter Templates

Create winning email campaigns that promote your business and increase your sales with our email and...
guide to building your brand from the ground up

Brand Building 101: Your Guide to Branding Your Business for Success

Check out this brand building advice and put your business on the road to riches!

Get the Scoop on How to Sell on Etsy

Learn everything you need to know about how to sell on Etsy and give your business a major boost.

How to Create and Customize a GoDaddy Online Store

If you're ready to set up shop online and want an easy solution, consider creating a GoDaddy online ...