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photo doodles 5 ideas for how to draw on images or write on pictures

Photo Doodles: 5 Ideas for Drawing on Pics (on Purpose)

Use the Draw Tool to make these of-the-moment designs.
Picmonkey has thousands of unique cool fonts check out the 250 new fonts just added

Favorite Designer Fonts in PicMonkey

Looking for a ton of cool font options in your photo editing program? Check out all the fonts at Pic...
how to put filters on video free video effects app

Design with Video Effects on the Mobile App Tutorial

Learn how to design with video clips in the PicMonkey mobile app. Crop, adjust, and add effects!
Four cool looks for background collages, and how to create them in PicMonkey.

Background Collages: How to Get These 4 Stylish Looks

Peep these four sleek looks for background collages—we'll show you how to create them in a cinch.
make 5 popular styles of fashion collage

How to Make 5 Popular Styles of Fashion Collage

Learn to make runway-ready fashion collages five ways.
how do i add an animated gif to a social media post

How to Add a GIF to (Almost) Everything

Learn how to use animated GIFs for lively, moving designs!
how to add video marketing to your marketing strategy

8 Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Get inspired to add some video to your marketing.
How to crop video to fit for social media posts

Crop Video for Social Media Post Sizes

Crop video clips to fit perfectly in all your social media content.
Use video templates to design for social media or your website

Use Video Templates to Make Moving Designs

Learn how to use design templates with video!
PicMonkey video lets you add video clips and GIFs to your designs

Bring Your Designs to Life with Video!

Learn how to use video clips and GIFs in your designs.
PicMonkey stock video library from Pexels and Pixabay

Our Stock Video Library Fuels Designs That Move the Masses

Learn about our video library with stock videos from Pexels and Pixabay.
old picmonkey vs new picmonkey what has changed before and after picmonkey

Learn New PicMonkey and See How it Compares with Old PicMonkey

PicMonkey has changed a lot since debuting in 2012. See the differences!
How to work remotely with your team

How to Use PicMonkey’s New Collaboration Tools

Working from home is easy with collaboration tools at PicMonkey. Learn how to use PicMonkey's design...
Images made from the template sets "Abstract Botanical" and "Classique"

Template Sets for Easy Branding and Design

Template sets make getting a unified look across all your branded visuals a snap.

6 Ways to Use PicMonkey Calendar Templates

Use a PicMonkey calendar template to make daily, weekly, and monthly calendars for work, home, and g...